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  1. Hello again! I was wondering if I can find out where your guild purchased the EL dice from? Was that through Kait? Thanks in advance!



  2. Hey there, 


    I noticed you started to follow me... (wow that sounds creepy being typed out) 

    Anyway, I do believe there is a gaming event going on in Syracuse the weekend of the event. Not exactly sure if it is specifically for Extra Life, but I do know they they are going to be doing something for Extra Life at it.   Let me comb through all my stuff here (I rarely come to the community site because of how terrible it is). When I find it, I will pass it along to you.  



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    2. Xeserox


      Do you want me to get you the contact information for Kait? She is our hospital coordinator and she is awesome! 


      Because, if I remember correctly....   Syracuse is literally the half way mark between Buffalo and Albany. 



    3. turbografx-16


      I would love to talk to her actually!  Thank you!

    4. Xeserox


      Sorry went back to work the last couple of weeks. If you PM me your email address, I will send her an Email and CC you into it. :) 



  3. Hello All! I am looking for anyone in the Greater Syracuse Area (North to Oswego and South to Cortland/Tompkins) who is interested in participating in Extra Life this year! I would love to connect! If you are out of town but have friends that game here in Syracuse, please send them my way!
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