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  1. Aaron

    Baltimore Comic Con


    I fell in love with Panda parking at MAGfest earlier this year. Anywho, I can be at the table on Friday and possibly Saturday - I'll know soon. Also, sorry I missed the meeting.
  2. Aaron



  3. Aaron



    So there will be a TV or display of some sort? If so, I'd have no issue bringing something for people to play on it...if that's ok with you and Drew.
  4. Aaron



    No Smash this time?
  5. Aaron



    I'm good for Saturday 10-5pm btw I live in Bowie as well - in Whitehall section. What is the table setup going to be? No calligraphy this time :/
  6. until

    running a little late but I'm on the light rail
  7. until

    Sarah - I can bring my copy of Melee and some controllers assuming you have a Wii that has GCN hw inside. LMK
  8. until

    Thanks. I can't bring a display but I may be able to bring some games, controllers or a small system like PSTV if need be.
  9. until

    I'm sorry for making things more confusing. Can I delete the guest posts? I'll be sure to sign in correctly going forward. What is the tablesetup going to be like for Gamescape?
  10. I'm good for Saturday from 10:30 to 5
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