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  1. Howdy! May 25th 2017 will be the 40th anniversary of Star Wars!!!! To commemorate this AWESOME event, I am going to be playing Star Wars and space themed games for 40 days. I'm calling this event "40 Days For The Kids" to raise donations and awareness for Extra Life! If you wonderful heroes would spread the word and participate by using #40DaysForTheKids while on Twitch, you Tube, Twitter etc. that would be OUTSTANDING!!!! Thanks a million and let's help some kids!!
  2. EXACTLY!!!!!! I also tell people that I'm indulging in my second childhood! I earned it.
  3. Just an idea, when Sci Fi cons and other events are unable to host lan or other types of computer gaming, why not host a carnival? Old skool gaming like Ring Toss, Spin the Wheel, Raffels, Stuffed animal tossing, fortune telling booths. Perhaps a Steampunk 19th century theme etc. et. al. You get the idea! :-)
  4. I accept challenges <i.e. game goals, or video dedications> from friends, family or co workers Much like Han and Chewy sitting in Mos Eisley cantina getting ready for their next "job" Or Quarks bar on DS9.I've raised 100% of my donations this way!!!! Check out my Mos Eisley list to see what I mean. Hey, it's crazy but it works!!!
  5. Well, what is the point of being an adult, if you can't be childish from time to time.
  6. Facebook Space Pirate HQ: YouTube: Madness Rulez here... Thanks
  7. Hey all, At work we are going to be down three people, so I'm going to have to step up there, and put in more hours. Honestly, they need the extra help and I wouldn't mind the extra money. However, I will be more than able to continue fundraising on the weekends. "Weekend Warriors For The Kids" is an idea I want to go with. Sorry about the schedule change up, but things go that way in life. :/ See you on the weekends then!
  8. Ok, I'm going after 1,000 First Order Tie Fighter victories. All for the kids! Would you wonderful people help me spread the word and get some donations pointed our way?? Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. My streaming resources are very limited at the moment, so I have been putting the "Morning Mission" on my You Tube channel "Gene the Gamer". I've raised $45.00 that way. Most of my friends and co workers don't know what Twitch is, but they do know You Tube. I love the blog idea of K8Morosky Perhaps I should do the same as this "Morning Mission" seems to be growing into some kind of short story/fanfic. lolz
  10. I am having WAAAAAAAAAAAY too much fun doing this!!!
  11. Newbie here, pretty good gamer, terrible with social media. I'm participating in 100days of gaming and I've spread the word on Facebook and have a You Tube channel set aside for gaming videos. Is there any other way to spread the word? Thanks
  12. Ok all ready on this end! Hashtag #100daysof gaming has been shared with my social network, You tube channel up and running... Donation page ready!! SOUND THE RUBBER DUCKY!!!!!!!
  13. I'm in for sure. When does the 100 days start? Also I started a you tube channel for this effort. Please have a look and let me know what you think. Thanks.
  14. I like this idea! I have a large collection of games also and with my work schedule as crazy as it is, I could do ten games for ten days. So I'd like to get in on this as well.
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