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  1. Would a children's hospital be interested in a donation of board games? I may find myself with any excessive amount of board games in San Francisco and no way to fit them in carry on.
  2. Thanks @theBeardedCripl I'll check out your game tomorrow.
  3. Hi folks, I am very green to the Extra Life community. I am working with a few people to raise money within our Salesforce Community. Hopefully you can give me some tips to make my plan run smoothly. The plan is to record a D&D game with 4-5 players. The DM is designing a game with a theme around our industry (Salesforce) and the conference coming up in October (Dreamforce). We will play up to 3 sessions, roughly an hour each. The visual I am imagining is 5-6 video feeds with a a banner that shows information about the site and Extra Life. We are going to encourage people to donate money in the name of their favorite character form the game. The more money each character raises, the more benefits they gain for the next session to be released the following week. My question to you experts out there is, what site would be the best to use in recording the game. Is Roll20 a good option? Are there other sites I should be looking into? Are there any idas on how to makes this a better success. I appreciate all of your feedback. Thanks!
  4. Thanks Mokinns! I've only been a part of this community for a few minutes and found you are already talking up our plans. I would love to pick your brain at some point about your idea of a perfect ExtraLife event.
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