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  1. Ok, Guest Kevin :confused: lol  


    Side note, I just reserved parking for CHEAP through Parking Panda for Sat/Sun.  Only $24 bucks.  You'll be hard pressed to find some of the rates I saw on here when you drive up that weekend.

  2. I plan on volunteering on both Saturday and Sunday.  I can open or close the booth.  I think it would be best if on Sunday I close the booth since it is easiest for me to transport and store the materials, but I am flexible.

  3. 38 minutes ago, Aaron said:

    So there will be a TV or display of some sort? If so, I'd have no issue bringing something for people to play on it...if that's ok with you and Drew.


    Aaron, I think the issue we were concerned about for this con was the lack of coverage especially.  We would need to "police" the amount of time people play (as was brought up in many of our post-Gamescape surveys), and with our coverage we need our volunteers able to focus on speaking with potential Extra Lifers.  Honestly, I'm thinking about letting you guys use my Chromecast during the day and just having you stream someone's Twitch stream, because the 2016 Extra Life promo videos aren't available.  If we pick a popular enough game, people will still be curious enough to walk up to the table.

  4. No Smash, since our booth is in the gaming hall we decided that it wasn't necessary.  Your comment about competing screens is still important, though, so I'm going to try to get some sort of video loop together for you guys to play.

  5. 4 minutes ago, Aaron said:

    I'm good for Saturday 10-5pm

    btw I live in Bowie as well - in Whitehall section. What is the table setup going to be? No calligraphy this time :/


    The table setup will feature a few nicer/bigger prizes that we will give away on the last day of the convention via raffle ticket.  So basically, if they spin and get a raffle ticket, they get a chance to win the better prizes.  I believe we'll have a few battery backups/chargers, and I am donating a few pieces of small framed artwork and maybe a larger piece if I have time.  I also have a few small things I got in an anime subscription box that I have no interest in personally, but will donate to the raffle pool.


    The raffle tickets will serve the same purpose of having them take a few extra minutes to fill out a ticket which will give us the opportunity to talk to them.

  6. I will be in attendance and coordinating volunteers throughout the weekend.  I will not be available for table coverage other than lunches and potty breaks.


    All lockup materials will be stored in my hotel room in the Hilton nightly.

  7. Team,


    I will be bringing the following with me tomorrow:


    1) The wheel of awesome & dry erase marker to write on the wheel

    2) 2 Kindle Fire tablets, which due to their excessive Android lockdown will basically just be mobile browsers for us

    3) Candy and something to keep candy in

    4) Small TV

    5) Wii

    6) Brawl (I know the Melee elitists will be mad but it is what it is...)


    See you guys at noon!  If you have any tips or tricks on how to get to the booth, any suggestions for how we run similar future events, or any updates on what to expect at Gamescape, please post them here!  Thanks again to everyone who is volunteering this weekend.  We absolutely could not cover this event without your help.  Thank you so much!

  8. Team,


    Due to time constraints this week I will not be able to get handouts ready and printed in time.  I have, however, secured several Kindle Fire tablets which will be officially Guild property so that people don't have to bring their own devices to events going forward.  I will either hand these off to @NodnarbDude before Friday, or I may just bring them with me on Saturday.  If you are volunteering on Friday, please check in on this page to see if that hand-off has occurred or not.  See you there!


  9. Aaron,


    Got you fixed up in the schedule there.  The table set-up is going to include a spin-for-prize wheel (we'll have some little giveaways and some candy).  If you can bring a tablet or laptop you're comfortable with allowing people to sign up on, that would be great.  We'd like to have guild supplies in the future, but in the meantime a tablet is best, but a computer will work.  We may have Smash set up on a TV on Saturday and Sunday to encourage people to visit the booth but I need to clear bringing the supplies for that with my husband. lol


    From what @Ceraph1216 was telling us, the Gamescape area sometimes is treated as a "let my kids loose so I can go get turned up" area.  This is the only concern we have with the technology (and candy) we are bringing.  We will likely put a "15 minute limit" or something on Smash, and we should pay attention to any unattended children who come up to the table and maybe require that they have a parent present to spin.


    Let me know if you have any other questions!

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