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  1. URGENT CHANGE:  The location of this meeting has been changed to the large meeting room at Odenton Public Library* at 1325 Annapolis Road, Odenton, MD, 21113.  


    * Use of the library meeting space does not constitute endorsement of the program/meeting or its content by Anne Arundel County Public Library.


    We missed you guys at the last meeting, but we hope you'll come out for this one!  If you can't make it in person, we'll be using Discord for interactive audio or possibly also video conferencing.  If we don't go that route, we'll be using an unlisted Youtube Live link that we'll PM you in Discord if you show up.  We hope you can make it out in person, but it's ok if you can't!


    @JediNickD @PHANTOMxALPHA @Yancy_Street @djotaku @Rachel @[WLVRNS]Fumbles @SpacePsych @Taco_Girl @Aaron

  3. @Andersonsjourney  You're welcome to come anyway as people who want free food and some face time with us!  We really appreciate everything you guys do!  We'd love it if Anderson wanted to join us for some PC gaming also next Friday (online/on Discord), if that's the sort of thing he's into.  I'm not sure if we'll be doing console gaming that night or not, but it's possible that may happen as well :)

    @Lt_fergie I assure you, we're equally, if not more excited, that you're coming!  Looking forward to seeing you!

    I can't control my excitement right now guys :) 



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  4. @JediNickD @[WLVRNS]Fumbles @jbooth117 @Emokidcries @Shojin @Goonygoon84 @Taco_Girl @LittleSith @Yancy_Street @Ceraph1216 @NodnarbDude @djotaku @PHANTOMxALPHA


    IMPORTANT:  It was just brought to my attention that the time of this event is displayed in the wrong time zone if you were not logged into the forums in an Eastern Standard time zone.  To clarify for everyone:  This event is from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM EST.


    I hope everyone is able to make it!

  5. Anyone want to attend just for funsies with me?  We just got confirmation that this event is full for this year, and we'll need to apply for it by November/December of this year in order to have space.  I want to meet David Tennant though...:wub:

  6. Thank you again to all of our volunteers.  The recap for this event and the image gallery are linked below.



    This event has now been locked, and new comments cannot be added.  If you would like to discuss this event, please refer to the recap thread linked above.

  7. We will be in Exhibit Hall A.  You can find Hall A by walking straight in through the Charles Street Lobby entrance at the ground floor.  You may not require your Extra Life name badge in order to come in, however it would be best if you text the group so we can bring your badge out to you.


    A map of the BCC can be located here:


    A group text message thread will be started by noon today, Friday, May 26, to communicate last minute information and volunteer status.  


    Our table strategy changed last minute.  We are allowed to do giveaways, however we may not use the prize wheel or a raffle.  This means we will need to actively approach people about participating when they get in range of our table, and we will be doing small giveaways (i.e.  candy) only.


    Based on the seating map from SCG there may be up to 900+ people playing at any given time.  This is a HUGE event when it comes to Magic the Gathering/trading card games, however especially as our first year participating, and with limited table appeal, we should plan on about 25 sign ups as a goal.  This is an extremely targeted event, so we may do better than that, but don't be discouraged if traffic is slow.  We have not had as much brand exposure within the tabletop community.


    Please text me with any further questions starting at noon today.  I look forward to seeing everyone!

  8. Unfortunately, I will miss this meeting because I am attending the March for Science in DC.  I will be with you in spirit, and rallying for government funded medical research that helps hopitals like Johns Hopkins Children's Center deliver innovative care!

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  9. It is an absolute pleasure having you guys as my fellow volunteers.  I have done quite a lot of nonprofit work and volunteering, and I've never worked with a more consistently engaged group.  Thank you so much, @Aaron, @KJCoin, @NodnarbDude, and @Ceraph1216.  You guys are truly awesome.  I hope we can expand our core team so you guys get a little bit of a break!


    Best of luck to everyone this weekend!  FOR THE KIDS!!!

  10. Guys, I have updated the schedule with the shifts you guys have committed to.  Drew may also come on Saturday and I'm working to confirm that.  Brandon, if I goofed up the times on your shifts I'll fix them when I get home. ^_^ I forgot to bring the sheet I took notes on with me.

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