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  1. The Streamlabs one is just for alerts, but allows you to do goals and whatnot. I don't use it though as it requires you to make an overlay.
  2. Congrats! Streamlabs just actually came out with Extra Life donation alerts. They also do follow alerts too and it's really easy to set up. Not an overlay either so you can still use the same overlay!
  3. Good points. Most if not all the contestants had to donate or sign up to enter the tournament but I can't really speak towards the audience.
  4. Chiming in! What worked well: Smash Tournament Open console gaming Letters to kids Things to improve Tabletop gaming area More games, chairs, separate area from letters for kids Photography booth Needed more exposure/advertising.Looked more like a general backdrop for the booth and not a photo booth. Maybe make/use a more legitimate photo booth with props, hats, etc Placement of consoles/projectors, etc We brought in a lot of people but had a hard time fitting folks into the space Booth could use pseudo-walls in back and on sides to keep people from walking through mindlessly Sign-up booth placement People were walking into booth without knowing what it was for Bigger/longer table or centered table may help Smaller booth opening so people have to at least see the Extra Life signage If I think of anything else, I'll post again. -Ash
  5. Ashenlily



  6. I'm trying to be more active in the forums and Guild and will be even more active after March. My only concern with the definition of a guild member here is the 'living in LA county' part. I live in San Bernardino County (Chino) but I enjoy being in the LA guild. Would this disqualify me as a member?
  7. until

    I'll be there via Twitch as I'll be at a birthday party for my nieces at the time.
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