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  1. Extra Life Meeting Agenda/ Minutes:
    Location: Butterworth Hospital; Rm 1710D
    Date: 3/22/19
    Time: 6:30pm
    Members attending: Jen, Erik, Phil, Bryan, Michael, Ashley, Lisa, Brandon, Rugrats


    Agenda topics & details:

    1) Guild Status 
    i) Leadership Changes
    (1) Interim officers – Jen/ President
    (2) Elections
    ii) New hospital Liaison – Amy Larson


    At the February guild meeting, Phil announced that he was most likely stepping down and taking some time off. We announced that this had officially taken place and that Jen had stepped in as interim president until the role could be filled. Erik nominated Jen for the position, and it was seconded by Bryan and Mike. She accepted with the understanding that due to other obligations, she would need assistance planning any events. Erik will keep his position as vice president, and Bryan and Lisa will step in to handle secretary duties as needed.


    It was also announced that due to restructuring within the Spectrum Health foundation, Jim would no longer be our liaison, and we would instead be working with Amy Larson. Jen will reach out to her and schedule a meeting to touch base.


    2) Guild Goals
    i) Fundraising
    ii) Events
    iii) Meetings
    iv) Game Nights


    The guild discussed which events they would like to have on this year’s schedule. Our initial list includes Potter in the Park, Coast Guard Festival, GrandCon, GR ComicCon, and Game day. Further discussion needs to take place once we get a better idea of individual availability and fundraising opportunities.


    Due to scheduling conflicts, Jen suggested that we move the game nights to the same night as our guild meeting, and that the location change from the hospital to The Comic Signal. Attending members agreed that this would be more convenient.


    3) Volunteering
    i) Training revisited
    ii) Benefits of volunteering


    This topic has been tabled until we have a better idea of our 2019 event schedule


    4) Open Discussion


    Several marketing ideas were tossed around, including doing “Why We Extra Life” videos and ways to improvement our reach with Facebook

    Next meeting – April 19th at 6pm at The Comic Signal

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