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  1. 4/19/2019 – The Comic Signal Members attending: Bryan, Jen, Erik, Issac, Ashley, Adam, Amy Agenda Summary items: Prior meeting summary - Jen Review handouts – Amy - Positions - Budgets/goals - Resources - Communication General discussion – all Committee – Jen Positions – primary positions are President (Jen), Vice-president (Erik), Secretary (Bryan/Lisa). The formal responsibilities under these positions has been largely disregarded in favor of a more casual sharing of the load. Budgets/goals – Amy has completed some numeric breakdowns for some initial goals for the guild. Please see a member or ask on discord if you want to see these values again. Resources – Amy spent made it very clear we have support from the foundation to accomplish our fundraising goals, including event planning, designers, materials, and so on. Communication – Numerous emphasis on communication and social media use. o Email blasts o Facebook – foundation and children’s hospital o Event linking/advertising o Where appropriate, potential partner sharing o Include Amy with any ideas of how she or the foundation office can be of help! General discussion – There was great discussion on a wide variety of fundraising possibilities, expanding on the prior meetings and getting further details into the events we discussed. Potter in the park and Coast guard festival are a definite GO. We worked on some of the details and expanded how the Foundation can assist in making this a better experience and capitalize on the opportunities. An example includes overcoming security/technology concerns by having locked down Foundation web devices accessible for booths. For GrandCon we’ll need to come up with a few ways to propose improving the gain for our volunteer time/effort. The game day discussion had a wide variety of ideas – including having it at another location, better integration of eSports, improvements in fundraising. Much of the conversation also centered around adding a new targeting a audience –families with one or more individuals who like the game, rather than just the more predominate high school/college age individuals. We are going to try and start having many months with a fundraiser and a greater number of volunteers. Some events include: - Panel on streaming (game focused) - eSports college competition - High school competition - Dice promo at certain events - Including miracle network kids and their stories at select events Jen introduced the idea of creating committees specific to our favorite gaming type – currently board games, RPG, and video games to advise and organize based on their passions. Next meeting May 17th at The Comic Signal
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