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  1. My team and I have several things planned for this year. Since it's a group event, we tend to focus on local multiplayer games. So far we're looking at Mario Kart 8, Gang Beasts, Catherine, fighting games, Towerfall Ascension and The Bouncer. As for single player, we save a slot or two for horror games (last year was Fatal Frame). We're also planning to do a slot with Destiny online play with one of our team members supporting us and Rady Children's from all the way across the big ocean in Japan! Our Extra Life site will also have 2 additional gaming stations and a board game table (games like Super Dungeon Explore, Pandemic, Lords of Waterdeep, Ascending Empires, and Smash Up). On top of that a lot of my friends have 3DS's, so we make sure our group is gaming the full 24 hours
  2. I second this. I remember it being an issue last year. Although I hope that the website doesn't get DDOS again.
  3. Hey Extra Lifers! Glad to see that you guys started a forum. Extra Life is awesome and I'm very proud and impressed to see how it's grown. I'm a QA tester and twitch streamer (twitch.tv/kupo_yo), so I guess you could say gaming is my life XD I'm mostly into console games such as JRPGs and action games. This will be my third year doing Extra Life and it was a tradition that my friends and I have started in 2011. Before that we used to just do "game nights" which were multiplayer gaming parties with my friends. So we took game nights and made an Extra Life edition of it, our 24 hour #teamnosleep pajama party for charity. I can't believe it's only 1 week away @_@ Ughh the pressure is on, cause there are a lot of prep things I need to square away still. We're working on bringing a hype show! (Last year a couple of my friends ate ghost peppers on stream.) I love that we can take what we enjoy and turn it to a great cause to support our local community. Shoutouts to socal, we're playing in support of Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego! Less than 1 week away guys!
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