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  1. I'm a Vaughan man. Anywhere within close range of a subway station, which has connections to York Region Transit (Downsview or Finch) is fine.
  2. http://twitch.tv/lg65 I will be streaming SplatFest (Splatoon) for the first two days of it, starting tomorrow night. It's the Final SplatFest (Callie vs. Marie)!
  3. So, you can see some of my stuff here: Facebook for YouTube Let's Plays and Twitch Streams (I post here to let people know about my videos and when streams are up) YouTube Channel for my Let's Plays & Twitch Stream Highlights (Currently working on LP'ing Super Paper Mario & Steins;Gate) Twitch Channel for my Livestreams
  4. The asterisks indicate that you have to pay the entry fee to see it. With the case of Centre Island, we have to deal with the ferry. I'm not sure about entering Centreville, though...
  5. Been a Twitch streamer for a while now. I've usually do Super Mario Maker, but have expanded to other titles for the Wii U and PlayStation 3. http://twitch.tv/lg65 This weekend, the Final SplatFest.
  6. until

    Why 11:00 PM at night? Given my location (Vaughan), I think a Skype call is better suited.
  7. Hello, everyone. My name is Luis, also known as LG65. But then again, don't I say this every YouTube video or Twitch stream I begin with? I hope to be on a guild or I might go solo. But either way, this will be the first time I EVER participated in Extra Life, to support SickKids. I look forward in getting to know you all and also, I hope you'll all be able to accommodate me and get to know me better, too.
  8. Hello, everyone. I'm strong at graphic design and video editing as well. I went to school for video game development, and have specialized in modeling and texturing. Right now, I'm job hunting for a position in a video game studio, whether it be small indie or big AAA.
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