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  1. Hey Mandy!


    Saw you were a presenter at the games for change conference and wanted to reach out to you! I work for Bee The Swarm.  What we do is raise money for charities and non profits by donating 100% of our mobile game revenue to charities.  We sponsor extra life teams all the time and would love to chat.  When we "sponsor" a team, what we do is donate all our revenue to the children's charity network through that team for the "days" we run there campaign.  Normally like a day or two.  Can find out more about us here:



    our youtube channel explains pretty simply what we do:


    Would love to say hi in person at the conference, so just give me an email if you'd like to meet up.




  2. Hey guys, my name is Rob. I work with Bee The Swarm to make video games to raise money for charities. We have started working closely with a number of extra life guilds and have been inspired to do something more. We are working on a project now to make a video game designed specifically for kids currently in hospitals and with the revenue raised hoping to target children's related charities. We have made a facebook page to do this located here: we just started, but are going to visit a number of hospital and talk to parents and kids about what they play, what games they like to play and understand better why. We also want to make sure we put it on the right platform to reach the most kids. I know a lot of you have a ton of experience talking with kids and are passionate about lending a hand, especially when it is in regards to children's hospitals. So I wanted to extend a hand and invite you to join us as we make this game If you join, what we would be asking is that you lend us your expertise. Talk to kids especially in hospitals about what game they would like to see and what platforms they are able to play on as well as provide your feedback on both the process we are doing and the decisions we are making. Just follow the link and send a request if you are interested! Also feel free to send me an email or just reply here to ask any questions.
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