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  1. Go to our facebook page, like our page quick (please ) and share the post that you see below on your wall and with as many people as you can think of. We are giving away t-shirts and raising money to fund an animal sanctuary and really need users to start playing our games... if you have a second please help us out Thanks everyone! CHALLENGE Beat the high score of 152,256 and we will send you a FREE swarm shirt. To participate: 1. Share this post to your wall. 2. Download 2048 - Bee The Swarm free (www.beetheswarm.com/games) & beat the current high score set by (dubblede) of 152,256. 3. Be logged into Gamecenter when you are playing and earn the #1 spot on the leader board and report back to this post and comment your username and we will check the leader board and send you a free shirt on us, simple as that. GOODLUCK! Promotion ends 12/12/2016 We've help raise over 600 dollars just from the ad revenue generated from users playing our games directly support extra life teams! Help us out in return. Extra-life rocks! #forthekids
  2. Hey everyone! Happy Thursday! I just moved from Albuquerque but I lived their for 3 years and now just discovering this team!!! My co-founder is still their and also other people on our team and I frequently drive back (living in Colorado now). I wanted to let everyone know about our company Bee The Swarm. We use our mobile games to fund/raise money by donating the ad revenue to the causes we support. We want to support your team, we've worked with other extra life teams and have had great success. Additionally we are potentially wanting to join in on some of your teams meet ups and get involved! I worked/contracted with pediatric patients at CNM/Carrie Tingley (my other career field) so I really would love to continue to provide support for all the amazing work they do. I wanted to just drop a line quick and will check back often! Cheers
  3. Hey heart and waterboy lets set this up! We are doing awesome with the campaigns this week and have openings next week starting Monday! Ill get ahold of you right now Anyone else interested post up folks!
  4. So my company BeeTheSwarm makes free mobile games and then donates all the ad revenue to charities and great causes (like Extra life ;)) We are looking to continue running campaigns and want to get more Extra Life teams signed up for our free service. Simple reply back in this thread and we can chat more, we have openings starting in late July and are open to run campaigns all August!!! Basically the only thing we are looking for teams to do is post about the campaign, hype it up as much as possible, and get as many people, friends, family, strangers, whoever to download our free games to support the campaign, the more people playing the more money made. BTW we are going to be promoted on the morning show tomorrow on NBC and we are releasing a new game today! I just got done donating the revenue made from running campaigns with 5 different Extra Life teams, (they all did an amazing job of promoting) and bascially each team was able to raise around 60 dollars for a 2 day campaign!!! By just playing our games! So! Post up if you think you can get a ton of downloads and able to promote and lets do some good! Also we are running a giveaway, beetheswarm.com/oculusrift
  5. Awesome idea guys! I just got through making all of our donations to the teams that ran BeeTheSwarm campaigns, I can't remember off hand but Kathryn you guys made around 60 bucks for those two days by just playing our games! Would you be interested in helping promote our new shirts or know anyone that would be while twitching? Wearing a swarm shirt, maybe plugging what we do when you have viewers and if people are interested and use a couple code that we provide, they buy a shirt, it supports us in improving games for charity, and you make 5 dollars and can donate that or pocket it!? Zayldar would you be interested also? Watch this video quick to understand our concept Also if you know any other extra life teams that would like to run a campaign let me know! They can submit a quick form on our website (www.beeTheSwarm.com) and we can hit the ground running!
  6. Hello Extra-Life community! We are BeeTheSwarm and simply put, we use our mobile games to fund charities and 100% of the ad revenue made from our free mobile games goes directly to the campaigns/causes! We are running some campaigns with teams on Extra-life for the next 10 days! If you want to help out download our games for free and help us help you guys reach your funding goals! Download games here -> http://www.BeeTheSwarm.com Also We are running a free giveaway (Giving away an Oculus Rift!!!) Check it out here (https://gleam.io/FHGsc/free-oculus-rift-giveaway), to enter it only requires that you watch a 1 minute YouTube video! Hope everyone is doing great and thanks so much for everything that you guys do! We love Extra-Life!!!
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