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  1. I used to have it too a couple years ago, used Dr. Scholls Odor X for a couple months and it disappeared forever. Did a lot of research on it, most often it happens naturally. Your skin is constantly being replaced by new cells, when the body can't get rid of it, it produces bacteria that eats it, the byproduct of such bacteria is smell. The only way to get rid of it is to wash feet(or other problematic areas) often and dry out the bacteria, which is what that spray does. The way I'd use it is I'd shower, spray on a bunch of that stuff on my feet and put on socks so I don't stain the carpet. Now I got 0 odor, even after a long day at work (I'm a chef, so I'm very active at work). Hope this helps
  2. I'd say green screen would take away from atmosphere going on at the event, cuz you wanna show off how many people there are! It's great to show off how social we are! Bringing PC and PS4, biggest titles are gonna be CSGO, DOTA and Life is Strange on PC and GTA5 and TLOU on PS4, but you guys can check out my profile page for a full list! Gonna have a whole bunch of multiplayer couch games like BadLand and BroForce for everyone to join! Who wants to team up in PS4GTA5? My profile page: http://www.extra-life.org/participant/HollowVision
  3. Alright, sounds awesome! And I don't have too many hopes up for getting any rest whatsoever, since I'll be getting up at 3am and driving at 5am that day Bet I'll be nodding off in the middle of a game all the time
  4. The place looks awesome! Super spacious and real nice design! What do we have for tables and seating though? We've got a lot of people signed up for the event and I don't really see too many proper tables on the pictures (I counted up 5). I'm sure some of the console players will be happy with the booths and couches, but I'm not sure if we got enough surfaces for PCs and people who have a lot of stuff (cough, Marcus, cough ). They probably have more in the storage, but Andrew might want to get in touch with them just to make sure. Also we might want to figure out how we can arrange all the seatings so we're in 1 group and not spread out across the whole place
  5. I got my office chair from Staples, pretty good quality, been replacing it every 2 years for free on same protection plan. Gonna be a fun time fitting it into my car
  6. Yeah, bringing my brother too I'll have him register and sign up for the event today or tomorrow for the accurate head count My girlfriend wanted to come, but she couldn't get the day off at work, she'll most likely come to the main event though
  7. Totally thrilled. I bought a new webcam for streaming and getting everything setup and ready to go
  8. @ArcGore is his name, idk if it's gonna link him, but I can message him in case it doesn't. And for some reason I thought all of you played the PC version of Rocket League I'll need to give it a ride on PS4 tomorrow then lol And @MajorLinux, what ideas you got?
  9. Lately been playing a lot of CSGO with my girlfriend and brother (btw both are coming as well ), Dota 2, War Thunder, Heroes of the Storm, Starcraft 2 and GTA5 on PS4 Do you think we could organize some interguild matches in any of those? I haven't tried Rocket League yet, but I've heard a lot of good stuff about it, so it's on my to do list. Also I know the leader of San Antonio guild and he's looking for a guild to play Rocket League with, want me to get in touch with him?
  10. Yeah, i'm pretty sure Charlotte would be their next Guild City, considering that they've got all the major cities on the list.
  11. Count me in! I won't be able to stay over 12 hours since I live 3 hours away from Raleigh, but I'd be happy to come in early and help you guys set stuff up! We should make a plan, i.e. games/platforms, food, drinks, streamers and stuff like that
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