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  1. SiN Studios

    Beta Test With Our Developers

    Strength in Numbers (SiN) Studios is an independent video game development company based in Lansing, Michigan. We are currently creating our launch title, Tuebor, and are releasing it to the public in late August of this year. We're in the stage of Beta testing Tuebor now and would like to invite others to play with us! Thought this would be a great community to reach out to to play with us! When: Friday, July 29 8:00pm EST - ?? What: The level is called Lava Flow. We will work together to defeat waves of NPC's and ruthless artificial intelligence systems. Where: We will be posting the game client on our social media outlets on Friday, the 29th. Facebook: www.facebook.com/sinstudios Twitter: www.twitter.com/sin_studios Why: It's going to be a great time and provide a preview of the game before it's released! If you have any questions, please email me at : emily.springer@tueborgame.com
  2. SiN Studios

    Play test with Strength in Numbers Studios

    Hi everyone! Strength in Numbers Studios is a video game development company out of Lansing, Michigan. We are an indie startup and are currently developing our launch title, Tuebor, which is set to release in late August of this year. Tonight we will be having a "Developers VS Non-Developers" game night from 8-10pm EST to test the Beta of Tuebor. The more testers the better so please tell your friends! We will be posting the link to the downloadable game client on our Facebook page, and Twitter page as well as through our "Alpha Sign Up Page," in mere hours. This link will take you to our first game play trailer. If you have questions, send us a message! Or email emily.springer@tueborgame.com . Hope you can make it!
  3. SiN Studios

    Welcome to the Lansing Guild!

    Hi everyone! My name is Emily and I work with a video game development company in Lansing called Strength in Numbers Studios. We are currently developing our launch title, Tuebor, which is set to launch in late August. Last year was our first year participating in Extra Life (as it was our first year being open as a company ) so we thought now would be a good time to join the community! Looking forward to working with you all!