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  1. I'm good for Saturday. Sunday if needed. Cecil
  2. Hey guys, Just wanted to give a heads up that Mensa will be doing a board game night with gifted youth on the 13th of October at empire board game library at 6 pm. Erin and I will be essentially hosting so we can't run an EL recruitment table, but it would be a great opportunity to do some recruiting if anyone is interested. I know we would like to have @islander attend to help teach games (if available) so another party for recruitment would be fantastic. I'll get more details about expected turnout closer to the event.
  3. Hey folks! Erin and I recently attended the Madden 17 pre-release at Game Stop with the Extra-Life table setup and banner. Below is the list of upcoming releases. Events are from 8-10 at the San Mateo/Montgomery store (thanks Kevin!). They're a little slow to start but get a pretty decent rush near 10. If you're interested in attending a specific event to recruit players let me know! World of Warcraft Legion: Aug 29 NBA 17: Sept 15 Fifa 17: Sept 26 Final Fantasy XV: Sept 29 Gears of War 4: Oct 6 Mafia 3: Oct 6 Battlefield: Oct 17 Titanfall 2: Oct 27 Call of Duty: Nov 3
  4. Hey guys, It's time we tap into the Pokemon Go craze. Chris shared a link recently of a community event in New York (Albany?) that was a huge success. Bernardo mentioned doing something in Taos, and there is an event is Rio Rancho this Friday (7/22) at a park. I'd like for us to host/arrange a block party of sorts in old Town. There are several poke gyms and dozens of pokestops. We could arrange for some tables to facilitate sign ups, or just have members with iPads in the crowd. I'd like some ideas on how we can get entertainment (music?) In the park there, as well as input on the process/necessity of obtaining permits. Due to our climate I was thinking something late evening and into the night, potentialy past the normal closing at 10 pm. I know there have been some complaints there recently and police involvement in clearing crowds out. It would be a good opportunity to maybe mend some relations with the Pokemon players and local business as well. Input is very welcome as I don't quite know where to start. I am willing to invest the footwork and time as necessary once we can get pointed in the right direction. Let's do this! Cecil
  5. Hello everyone! I'm a bit behind the ball here, but I am Cecil. I serve the Albuquerque community as a Navy Recruiter, and realized that my work uniquely qualifies me to spread the word about Extra Life. I am more of a board gamer than video gamer, though when time permits I do enjoy me some steam, 3DS and WiiU. Also I enjoy breakfast, cats, and breakfasting cats.
  6. until

    Kevin from game stop on San Mateo and Montgomery will also be joining us if that is alright he would like to get involved in the guild to help coordinate GameStop involvement.
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