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  1. Hey guys I am looking to get together with any Pensacola/nw Florida extra lifers. Maybe coordinate on some events. Hit me up here or on twitter @extranw
  2. until
    I sold a 5 hour block of time in which the purchaser gets to pick whatever crappy game they want and I will play it and broadcast for 5 hours. So watch me get tortured playing Castle of Illusion Twitch handle jester8082
  3. I am a complete newb when it comes to broadcast and twitch but I am trying to up my donation game. any advice or direction for the new guy
  4. Are you still playing? I have been trying to build more of a following in the pcola area. if you're still around I started a fb page and group to help recruit and coordinate. Both are extra life of NW Florida. I would love to see you there
  5. Hey I am looking for current extralifers in the NW Florida area. I would like to work together in building support with the ultimate goal of building enough support to start a guild in the area. I have put together a FB page ( as well as a Xbox live club ( NW Florida Extralife) Please hit me up and we can all work together
  6. i am willing to start one here but need information as to how to do that
  7. I am trying to gauge interest in starting a guild here in the pensacola area. None of the current ones are within convenient travel.
  8. I am in pensacola. How does one go about starting a guild?
  9. hey man your donor and team links are old or broken

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