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  1. I'll be doing the full 24 hours at my store (AwesomeSomething) in Anacortes. You're welcome to join us if you want, but just fyi it will be mostly offline gaming. Our internet is terrible
  2. I'm working on a schedule for mine, but so far I know for sure we will be having a Pretty Pretty Princess tourney, a SingStar sing-off (basically karaoke in video game form), and a guitar hero tourney. We'll probably be doing some tcg drafts as well.
  3. until

    I'd love to help at PAX, but that would be another thing that you guys would have to give me enough notice for. If you're discussing it tomorrow though, I guess all I can say is that I'm interested and let me know if you're going to put me down for that.
  4. until

    I won't be there. I need WAY more notice and frankly a meeting on a wednesday (or any weekday) is very hard for me to make unless it's scheduled several months in advance. I know it's easy for you guys to forget about the few people who don't actually live near Seattle...but I am feeling a little left out, as the same issue happened last year. Have fun guys. Sincerely wish I could be there.
  5. Any idea when that meeting is going to be? Did I miss it? I need a lot of notice to be able to go. Also, PAX is coming up rather quickly, any more information on that?
  6. I have an art show this weekend, but after that I should be able to either donate one that I have already made or make a new one. I've been thinking about making an extralife one...
  7. oh, okay that makes sense. Thanks!
  8. I haven't counted recently, but I probably have over 100 nerf guns. A lot of them are the bigger ones, still in the box. I might have a problem...
  9. Haha I don't think I can afford to donate them, but if you wanted to arrange a nerf battle for extralife I would be glad to loan some for it.
  10. yes that is what I meant. I went from no hearts (lurker?) to one heart(regular member?) and was just wondering what that was for.
  11. This forum thing is actually pretty cool if we get everyone to participate! I have some questions though. What does all the stuff on your profile mean? Community reputation? Warning points? What is the ranking for?
  12. Have you guys considered the Grand Prix that will be coming up in Portland? I believe it is August 12-14th and there will be TONS of Magic players from all over. I am planning on going with a group of people from my store and we are way up in Anacortes, WA. I'm not sure if they will let you set up a booth but at the very least maybe you guys could attend and try to recruit a few people?
  13. So much awesome! Hopefully this year will be ever better!
  14. We could have a meeting at my store. It's in Anacortes but if you guys wanted to have a meeting here that'd be awesome.
  15. I'm not sure if this has been addressed yet, but I would love some advice on how to get going on twitch. I streamed one time two years ago and the people watching seemed to like it but honesty since it was only one time and it's been so long, I have no idea where to even start now. Once I get everything set up I will be sure to try to watch everyone at some point. I love watching people play games, especially ones I am terrible at!
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