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  1. Thanks, Jamie! Guys, we're now four away from goal, AND I got this extended to the 30th. BUY SHIRTS NAO.
  2. Sounds good, guys! I agree with the reasoning for kicking this campaign off legitimately a little bit later in the year. That said, we only need to sell 17 shirts right now for this order to go through, so we should hopefully get pretty near that if everyone in leadership goes in.
  3. Hey everyone! Here is the official link to get our t-shirts. I know I talked about using RedBubble, but lol, I never actually tried to make a shirt with a front and back design on there before. I know, I know- rookie mistake. There are plenty of t-shirt shops the internet over, but I would like to direct your attention to our Booster shirt: Bubba actually told me about this tonight, and it's pretty slick- instead of accruing a very small percentage of margin that would then be donated to Extra Life (perhaps ~$100 total if using RedBubble), Booster is a platform that donates directly to the cause and gives more money than we would have been able to raise at RedBubble, cutting out myself as the middle-man. You can see on our campaign page that we link right up to the Children's Miracle Network! Now, I say campaign because there is one: please buy your shirts right now, because the campaign is up July 27th. They need a closing window to know when funds have ended to cut the check to the organization. You will notice that since Buffalo Guild doesn't have a generic donation page, I've opted to funnel donations to Jamie as Team Captain. Any questions, lemme know!
  4. Hello! We had a team-building get-together this past week at Rocky's in the Eastern Hills Mall, so here are some photos from that. I had to host on Imgur since these are pretty big and the forum couldn't accommodate. Please feel free to use these however you would like!
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