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  1. Has anyone considered Dave and Busters? Also Chuck E Cheese's (I mean extra life and Nolan Bushnell's place. What could be better? And it's for the kids )
  2. Will definitely be spending some time at my local establishment playing the classics. My favorite is Donkey Kong. I'm no Steve Wiebe but I have fun! Also be playing Q*bert and Frogger. Just wondering how much success others playing retro/classic games have had meeting their fundraising goals. What types of things have been most successful?
  3. Wondering if there is anybody else out there from upstate New York or anyone else playing in support of Upstate Golisano Children's Hospital?
  4. Just wondering how many out there are planing on playing arcade games or retro games? What kind of things have you been doing to meet your fundraising goal and how successful have you been.
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