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  1. Hey Extra Lifers! Game day is fast approaching - Here are some ways to utilize social media to increase your fundraising: The best tip I can give you is: Update early and update often! The average life of a tweet is 20 minutes, and no one fully understands how Facebook decides which of your friends get to see things. Also, statistically is takes someone seeing your appeal 3 times before they’ll take action. Copy, paste, and customize these sample posts across all of your networks- Let the games begin! I am playing games for 24 hours and raising money for #BaystateChildrensHospital donate now at <insert fundraising URL> Who wants to say-what-I’ll-play? Make a donation of $20 or more at <insert fundraising page URL> and you’ll get to choose the game I have to play for the next hour! #ExtraLife #BaystateChildrensHospital Every hour @CMNHospitals treats 39 kids for diabetes. Donate $39 to my fundraising page now and help kids live better. #ExtraLife #ForTheKids #PlayGamesHealKids <insert fundraising URL> I’m playing games for 24 hours to raise money for sick and injured kids at #BaystateChildrensHospital and I am currently $___ away from reaching my goal. Make a donation at <insert fundraising URL> to put me over the edge! #ExtraLife #PlayGamesHealKids 100% of the money I raise through #ExtraLife will benefit our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital #BaystateChildrensHospital – donate now at <insert fundraising page URL> #PlayGamesHealKids #SupportLocal The more funds I raise, the better chance #BaystateChildrensHospital has at earning an extra $30,000 #EveryDollarCounts #DonateNow #PlayGamesHealKids Participating in #ExtraLife is personal for the Cohen’s. They know how important it is to have such great care right here in Vermont – Learn more about their story at and make a donation in honor of Noah <insert fundraising URL> #BaystateChildrensHospital #PlayGamesHealKids Remember, you might not get everything you ask for, but you will for certain not get 100% of what you don’t ask for. You have to ask, it’s part of being an Extra Lifer. You put yourself out there and some people might ignore you, but if you ask enough, you just might make miracles happen. Thank you for helping kids live better.
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