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  1. Hello! We just realized that you guys & gals have gotten to know us a bit, but we'd like to know more about you! name: social media handles: xb gamertag/PSN ID/steam ID: hobbies: favorite food: I'll start it off name:Gerardo social media handles: @gerardoiscool twitter/instagram xb gamertag/PSN ID/steam ID: sgtgrumbl3z PSN ID, same for xbl but i dont have an XBone hobbies: movies, music, friend hangs, conventions. I also host a biweekly video game news podcast on (The Catchup Podcast) favorite food: Enchiladas
  2. Hey everyone! In case you didn't know there's a monthly Nintendo meet up group that's meeting Sunday, May 21st at the new central library in downtown SD starting at 1pm. If anyone's interested in attending here's their Instagram post! (FYI we now have an IG account! Follow ExtraLifeSanDiego )
  3. Is it to late to go to a 2016 Meetup? Asking for a friend
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