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  1. Hi Moxie! I have a SF Guild Member seeking to volunteer at PAX, how can sign up/learn more if he is able?
  2. Hello Bay Area! Our chapter here has been hard at work developing a Game Jam and 24-Hour Game Fest coming up in the first two weekends of May. Please read the following press release for more details: http://pressreleases.triplepointpr.com/2017/04/27/bay-area-game-industry-coming-together-for-charity-game-jam-may-5th/. We're looking for sponsors, volunteers, and RSVPs for the both events. If you need more details, please email me at dsoriano109@gmail.com. RSVP for Game Jam: bit.ly/rsvpgamejam RSVP for Game Fest: bit.ly/rsvpgamefest
  3. Thank you for reaching out Michael! Please fill out this quick Google App and afterwards we can schedule a quick chat so I can orient you on how the guild operates. I'd love for you to be involved with the Bay Area Guild!
  4. I'll make sure to pop in and say hello as well. Just saw the schedule posted up on Twitter. What are guild highlights?
  5. @baextralife will be present there so it would be great chance to meet local guildies http://www.meetup.com/BayAreaLiveTV/events/235083239/ Looking forward to meeting you all!
  6. until
    Come meet @baextralife 'ers at this meetup! RSVP through the MeetUp link: http://www.meetup.com/BayAreaLiveTV/events/235083239/
  7. Luckily the MeetUp I joined last Saturday was in its 8th month so the turn-out was about 60 streamers. Getting in touch with streamers was great because they knew what Extra Life was and they have the skills/experience to do Extra Life well, as opposed to, the typical random game convention attendee that is confused about what streaming is at all. I think the best part was when you find out that they have already decided to fundraise for your hospital. I was able to snag some contacts and have followed them on our Twitter page so the least we can do is retweet their posts regarding their Extra Life efforts for more visibility.
  8. Hey @Bot Hunter, ditto on @CAWZY's suggestion. I'm actually getting into streaming myself / building my personal brand. If you're going to do social media, make sure that your handle/branding is all the same. Your Twitter/Instagram/YouTube all have the same handle. Instagram makes it super easy to post on multiple social accounts so I usually post from Instagram, which links to FB and Twitter. If you're just starting out, you may need to reach into your network so they can retweet your Twitter posts for added visibility. Good Luck!
  9. Hello Extra Life Community! I tried searching for an existing thread, but only see one for FB/Youtube channels, but I'd like to start a thread for sharing Twitter handles so we can begin following each other and retweeting each other's posts regarding our Extra Life campaigns. Please link your twitter page for easy following and Please follow and retweet @baextralife so we can do the same for you! https://twitter.com/baextralife
  10. Hello Extra Life Community! The Bay Area Extra Life Guild have been supporting Extra Life/Twitch team Playing With Fire for the past two years. They've raised over $35,000 since 2015 through their charity streams and as a guild we helped contribute digital/physical swag (game codes to headsets) and/or secured venues for them to stream to boost their fundraising potential. Most recently, I secured the Razerstore in SF for Playing With Fire to do a 24-Hour stream and they raised over $6,000 that day. Generally, I'm trying to level up my streamers in order to raise their funding for my hospitals. For any other guild, I strongly suggest getting to know/recruiting those who are playing for your hospital as they are likely to be dedicated Extra Lifers year-by-year. As a guild, we are joining existing Twitch Meet-Ups to find more streamers who are in the Bay Area bring them into the fold. I'd love to share my experiences with you all!
  11. Thank you for the idea! I have some streamers I am supporting that have HEFTY beards. I could see them shaving them #ForTheKids!
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