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  1. Hello Ryan. I bought this up at last night's meeting. We talked about, and we show interest in the idea. Allow me to talk with the others about this a bit more, and I will get back to you.
  2. All Guild meetings will be listed in this thread from now on, please do not post them anywhere else so we can keep the forum nice and organized. July Guild Meeting Date: July 27, 2016 Time: 7 pm Location: Valley Charcoal Restuarant 44 King St. W Dundas On Notes: This is a cash only restaurant. No debit, or Credit. Parking is at the back of the restaurant, or wherever you can find it.
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  4. Since this is a shared channel I think we should have a schedule for when we would like to use the channel to stream. I mean so we don't knock off someone else if we feel like streaming. I'd suggest if we have enough interested we can set up dedicated times for everyone as well as free times that can be first come first serve. I understand the latter might be harder to do, but I also understand that some of us might not be able to stream at the same set time each week. Lastly. I know our game interests will be different, so do we play whatever we would like or do we limit ourselves to our main game preferences, or do we call a claim on certain games? For example do we have only one of us play Call of Duty even if multiple of us enjoy streaming it? I'm personally for anyone playing whatever they want even if games overlap. Thoughts? Ideas? Concerns?
  5. I play everything. Handheld, Console, and PC. I just like to game
  6. Hello all. Andrew MacDonald here from the guild meeting, I apologize for not posting sooner. A bit about me I'm a cook when I'm not gaming. Part time actor when I get the itch to act. So I can play well off of an audience talking about anything really. I can also give advice about cooking if need be.
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