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  1. On Monday June 13 there will be the E3 Experience at the The Avenues Stadium 20 Movie Theater. It will be a sold out screening. I been at the last two and will be watching this one as well. There is a load potential if anyone wants to take advantage of this event for recruits. Personally, I will be going to watch Sony's press conference.
  2. Keegs79

    Free Comicbook Day!! (Saturday May 7th)

    I will head toward Gotham City Limits unless needed elsewhere. My time will be limited today but will support as long as I possibly can.
  3. Keegs79

    Free Comicbook Day!! (Saturday May 7th)

    I can go where needed but Rogue Gallery is too far south for me. I have to leave by 3pm because of prior commitments and will have my two little girls with me if that is fine.