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  1. I'm a busy body this summer. Softball eats up one of my weekend days. Outside of that I'm trying to get outside with some frisbee golf (going forward will be referred to as "frolf"), playing some random games, and working on a youtube/twitch page. What games you might ask? Currently I frequently play Overwatch and Rocket League. I'll sporadically mix it up with games like The Division, Killing Floor, Heroes of the Storm, Duck Game, and Destiny. Feel free to shoot me a message if you're interested in playing sometime (CFLombardi in steam,, and Xbox Live). The YouTube/Twitch pages are for my gaming "collective" called Good Job! Gaming. You can find the YouTube page here. As ShadowFox pointed out, E3 is over. I'd like to take this time to post the games that caught my eye (complete with trailers): Pardon the borders on this video. I've randomly played this series but never completed a single game. I enjoy hack and slash games so I don't doubt I would like the GOW series. I like what I'm seeing here in terms of game play. I also like when characters show their age. Kratos is still a bad ass. This reminds me of We Happy Few but in space. I do like the "Nothing is what it seems" stories and I love watching reality break down around you as the truth is revealed. So upfront this trailer has my interests peaked, but I'm worried it may be a recycled story. This game looks beautiful and also has the "you have to discover the truth" feel to it as well. Also, dino robots. My prediction, she's an alien. I love depictions of the potential future of robotics. I always feel like we need a reminder of the dangers it poses and how we need to proceed through this field with caution. I posted about this before and I'll post it again. I never played the DOW series but knew of them. I know of the Warhammer universe (I've played a ton of Blood Bowl) and this trailer has got me interested. After I posted this the first time I went online and read the plotlines to DOW 1 and 2 just to get a taste and see if it was worth checking this out. TL;DR: I'm shocked you made it this far. This E3 has made me think, maybe I should get a PS4. Looks like a lot of solid exclusive titles for that platform.
  2. I am available now if you're streaming.
  3. I'd prefer Dawn of War. I work until 8p tonight, so anytime after that would be cool.
  4. @Man Answers What program do you use for streaming? I feel like I've seen your stream do this when watching.
  5. I would love to watch a stream of the game. I've been reading up on the lore of the first two games to see if it was something that would interest me and determine if I could get DoW3. So any exposure to the IP is greatly welcomed.
  6. Well I was a big Starcraft fan growing up, I see this is like an RTS yes? How would you compare it to that? Other RTS I've played are Planetary Annihilation which is I don't care as much for as I do SC. It just feels like there's too much to manage for me.
  7. But this trailer makes me want to. Anybody know about the game play of this series?
  8. Based on the list that I see so far, I'm looking forward to the Legend of Zelda game, Battlefield 1, FF7 remake, Dishonored 2, and Injustice 2. I haven't played the first Dishonored but I had made complaints that there are few stealth games out there that do the stealth mechanic justice these days. I was told that I should check out Dishonored because of that. So it's on my radar now. I am super excited to see what happens with Injustice 2. I played the shit out of the first one and if the sequel is anything like the first one, I'm sure I'll play the shit out of this one too. I am a little apprehensive given the announcement trailer but I will withhold judgement until I see actual gameplay. All the others are on my list just because I've played previous iterations and enjoyed them.
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