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  1. Another year of Extra Life, and another year of @bread_man being awesome. Kudos as usual, man. I just recently entered the coding world (teaching myself Java, JS, and Selenium for automation work) so I'm pretty excited to see if I can customize this. Though with so little time before the marathon I'm not sure I'll get to do it this year. Thanks again boss.
  2. Extra Life is such an amazing organization, and it has such an amazing community. For me it's pretty personal since I was born premature, and as a result was placed in an NICU. This has lead me to be pretty determined to raise as much each year, and even though it's not a lot it is something. 2014 - I set my goal at an easy $200 as I wasn't sure what would happen. At this point I wasn't streaming anything, and I didn't really market myself. Thanks to some chattering at bars, family, and friends I was able to bring in $330. 2015 - Stoked from 2013's success, and a commitment to stream more throughout the year I set my goal to $500. For various reasons relating to life just being a bear I didn't get to stream as much, and the donations really didn't come in. I only brought in $170. 2016 - I was bummed from 2015's lackluster donations, but I knew every dollar counted even if I didn't raise much. I kept my chin up, and just basically did the same thing. My Social Media presence was a bit better than previous years, and I tried to bring it up whenever I could in various social situations. People talked about it a lot; reacting/sharing on social media, talking to me about it, etc..., but the donations didn't really happen again. I ended up bringing in $240 last year. So after all of that what I've learned is that I really need to build up my "brand". I go out to bars a lot, and socialize with strangers. Inevitably through natural conversation Extra Life comes up. I usually explain the program well enough, but trying to get them to remember the URL, and everything was pretty much impossible. So, I bought some business cards. They just arrived in the mail yesterday, and I'm super excited. My goal will be to always have at least a few on hand to give out if/when it comes up, and to try and really spread the word. I'm also planning on stepping up my streaming even more this year. Streaming consistently is pretty key, and just build up that core audience as much as I can.
  3. Going live right now. Starting off with some D3, but will probably move onto something else in a bit.
  4. So I completed my first Extra Life 24 hour marathon, and it was an amazing experience. I only got two donations, but hearing the tracker go off while I was streaming was invigorating. Since I now know that I can accept donations pretty much all year (excluding December...holidays and all that) I've decided to do a stream once a week for a few hours. This marathon was pretty much my first real experience streaming, so I'm looking for ideas from you vets out there for keeping things going, and generating more interest. My goal for next year will be at least double what I raised this year. Some ideas I've had: High profile games More story focused games instead of just ARPG and shooters like I did for the 24 hour marathon Better camera? Not sure how important the quality of the webcam is New overlay, or no overlay, since the one I have is for the 24 hour marathon Quarterly 24 hour marathon? I'm hesitant to do this one...don't want to "water down" the big annual marathon
  5. Downloaded the zip file to convert the swf file an exe with SWF to EXE, and noticed and exe file was already in there. Guess you got the work done! I fired it up, did a window capture in OBS, and now I have your tracker. Thanks a bunch man!
  6. You have to set the game to be "Windowed (Fullscreen)". Most games these days have this option.
  7. That looks amazing...great work! This is my first year, so I don't have a schedule...just a list of games I'm planning to play at no particular time. We'll see how this format goes, then maybe next year I'll do a schedule depending on feedback.
  8. It is the same this year. It popped up on my FB feed the other day to do just that.
  9. I've made the sour cream french onion dip before, I'm just a sucker for Dean''s soooo good. I never buy it because I'll kill the tub in a day, but I'm thinking about splurging. I'll consider going the less deadly route, but it'll likely be an impulse decision when I'm at the grocery store tonight. Good call though Cass, I forgot about that doing that.
  10. I'm at work so I can't follow too many links; how did you run it as an executable? I have three monitors on my rig, so I'm sure I can figure out a placement for it that works. ETA: I decided to not be completely lazy and do some Google-fu. Looks like I can use the freeware SWF to EXE, or maybe even a program like Swiff depending on how your SWF file actually functions.
  11. So far this is my grocery list: --Pizza; not sure if I'll be doing frozen pizza, or just order out --String cheese; protein, good fats, and easy to eat --Clif bars; full of nutrients, delicious, and quite filling --Vegetables; probably baby carrots --Ruffles and Dean's French Onion Dip...don't judge me --Loooooots of water --Coffee --Starbuck Double-shot Espresso (the big cans); probably 2 of these. They are packed with potassium and vitamin-B. They have a lot of sugar though, so if you tend to crash after sugar you might want to avoid these
  12. That's awesome, man! I'm still $10 short of my goal, but I'm hoping some folks hop in on Saturday and flesh it out. I don't do any streaming or YouTube videos though, so I'm competing with established streamers when I'm on Twitch. C'est la vie. At least I'm raising something for the hospital.
  13. Thanks everyone. I'm really looking forward to it. I haven't settled on what games I'm going to play yet, but I have a general idea. As for snacks/beverages I was planning on getting things like crackers and cheese, jerky, etc... to eat, then a cooler with water and some caffeinated beverages. I spent all last weekend getting my stream set up, and I'm pretty pleased with how it all came out. Still not sure if I'm going to use the cam or not, but it's an option.
  14. Getting DDOS'd isn't good, but I'd be lying if I didn't say that was how I found out about Extra-Life, and subsequently became a participant. Hopefully it doesn't happen again though...I agree with that 100%.
  15. This is my first stream, but here's what I've currently got set up:
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