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  1. Awesome to have you @allisonrielly!! I look forward to seeing you at the meeting!
  2. Allabaster


    Twitter: Twitch: I plan to start streaming every Tuesday night after work, starting next week. =D Steam:
  3. All downloaded and signed up. =D
  4. Entirely PC here, except for my 3DS. I don't even have a TV.
  5. Hey guys! My name is Warren Morrison, as you know, but I thought I might introduce myself a little better than I did at the meeting. I'm an aspiring engineer and Twitch streamer. You'll normally find me playing Fire Emblem while I'm out and about, and DOTA 2 or Skyrim while I'm at home. Although, I'm just as likely to play anything else that catches my interest. PC is my main gaming platform (Steam ID and other links available in my profile). I look forward to working with you all to make this guild the best it can be!
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