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  1. Hey Guys Just wondering if anyone is considering playing Diablo III UEE for the 24hr play time. I'll be playing it for PS4 and would love to get a group of Extra-Lifers together to play. I haven't signed up for a playstaion plus membership yet, but would do so if we could get some players together for this event! If anyone is interested please just reply back to the thread = )
  2. Hey Everyone My name is Joel Miller and I'm a 1st year "Extra-Lifer". (this is also the 1st time using a forum site...yes I'm a newb) I'm just trying to get a feel for what the local community is doing in this event. I live in the Annapolis area. Would love to find out about what guild events are going on and I'm very interested in a "Day Of Play" with the kids from the hospital. Information about me. I'm 27 years old. A causal gamer. I just purchased a PS4 so I've been spending a lot of time playing that. My fundraising efforts; I'm holding a baked sale (one thing my girlfriend and I love to do). I also buy and resale snacks at my family business which surprisingly a huge money maker. Also I have contacted the local Chick Fila in Edgewater MD to hold a spirit night. If anyone has suggestions or more information that you could give me that would be great. Thanks - Joel Extra-life2014 FTK
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