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  1. NorthernZoot


    Twitter: Twitch: You can also reach our entire Xbox Playdates Canada team at: Twitter: Twitch:
  2. I play almost exclusively on the Xbox One, but I do also own an Xbox 360, and a PS3.
  3. Hey all! I'm Jess (NorthernZoot) from Cambridge, ON. I'm an Xbox Community Ambassador, an Xbox MVP, and a member of Xbox Playdates Canada; a group of community members that tries to host weekly game nights online for the community to join in on... trying to make the "randoms" a little less random. Haha Anyway, this year will be my 3rd year taking part in Extra Life. I successfully managed to crack the $1000 milestone last year. Looking forward to beating my highscore again this year! Feel free to add me on XBL if you ever want to play! GT: NorthernZoot
  4. Had a great time at the launch. Can't wait to do more!
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