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  1. Here's what I'd like to see for the text outputs, if possible. I haven't looked at what's able to be pulled so some might not be possible. Name of last donorLast donation amountName of last donor + amountLast 5 donor namesLast 5 donor amountsLast 5 donor names + amountsTotal amount raisedGoalTotal number of donationsAverage donation (Total amount/number of donations)Name of top donorTop donation amountName of top donor + donation amountTeam total amount raisedTop participant of teamTop participant amount raised from teamTop participant of team + amount raisedTop 5 participants of teamTop 5 amounts raised from teamTop 5 participants of team + amountsThe reason to having these all split up is for versatility in design. I hope these help. Thanks for your work!
  2. There does seem to be a giveaway tool request on Reddit which may be worth looking into. Past that, I think any tool that can read the JSON info from Extra Life and give multiple options for input into streaming applications. One of my favorites would be something that can take the JSON information and shove it into individual text files which can be read in OBS (when you add text, one option is to pull the info from text files and have it update automatically). This would give many diverse options to display info in OBS for instance. An example would be how you can use OBS text sources to display now playing info pulled by Snip.
  3. Also at VT Comic Con was The 501st Legion (New England Garrison), who were also raising money for our local CMNHospital! We teamed up to raise awareness and also got a couple pictures.
  4. Vermont has been ramping up recruitment! Over the weekend we teamed up to run a booth at the Vermont Comic Con! (Even my girlfriend, who is in this picture, got in on it!)
  5. Here's a Twitter list I made with everyone here (and a few others such as @rickheaton ( @Sapience ) : I will check back and add people to the list as I go. You can also follow me (@markmlynch) and shoot me a tweet to add you to the list (which is preferred)
  6. until
    A bunch of us will be at Vermont Comic Con this weekend with a booth! If you're in the area. stop on by or send people our way! Booth P11 in the Promenade of the Sheraton Burlington Hotel. Learn more about VT Comic Con here • Like Vermont Extra Lifers on Facebook to stay in touch • Questions? Let me know!
  7. Updating my status.



  8. In that case, could there be a "how to obtain a license for use of logo" thrown in somewhere? Perhaps a point of contact?
  9. Did we ever get a response regarding this? Or perhaps we can add these details to the Brand Guidelines? Can we use the logo freely for non-commercial useHow do we get approved to use the logo in items sold to raise money (for instance: those wristbands that people seem to love, created by Teams so it's more personal)Can there be a "do this and not this" type of information added to the Brand Guidelines in the Media Kit regarding this?
  10. I know that someone was looking at this on Reddit. I know Rainmeter is JSON friendly so it shouldn't be terrible.
  11. I'm surprised that CMNH hasn't already created an Extra Life article.
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