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  1. I'm free after 5pm Monday-Friday and over the weekend generally. I just started a new job so I am a bit more restricted on my time.
  2. Hello everyone. I thought we ought to have a thread where we list what games we play in a nice and easy place to reference. I play... Most Blizzard games like Diablo, Heroes of the storm, World of Warcraft and Hearthstone Guild Wars 2 Star Wars the old Republic Ark Survival Evolved Minecraft Stardew Valley Mario Cart Mario Party Dragon Age everything Steam games Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder and forgotten realms White wolf publishing titles like Werewolf and Vampire older PlayStation games table top simulator with things like trivial persist, Secret Hittler, Apples to apples and cards against humanity you don't know jack, draw full ect a few card games I am willing to try pretty much anything twice and look forward to playing with you all.
  3. Howdy again. My my battlenet tag is AliFarstride#1101. My email is and if you are in dire need of me you can call my cell at 802-272-4862. I was thinking we could maybe set up a google drive / documents for shared materials like photos or documents with plans and things. I live in South Burlington and have a car that can transport materials and people if needed. I don't mind driving at all and going places if it helps out. I am terrible with Facebook so I'll be checking here more often.
  4. Howdy All! I am Lucy Moulton aka AliFarstride aka Captain Procrastination. I have been gaming since 1985. LARP, D&D, other pen and paper RPGS, table top games and video games on Nintendo, Sega, PlayStation, and PC. I play World of Warcraft, Star Wars the old republic, guild wars 2, Ark survival evolved, Minecraft, Stardew valley, Heroes of the storm, Diablo just to name a few. I have been an officer in a few guilds, orchistrared a lot of events for friends and as of Saturday I am helping plan a wedding as Maid of honor. I am a certified medical coder nut find myself starting work for VT health connect next month. I love helping people, exploring new places and things and enjoying food with friends. It was great meeting you all Friday and I can't wait to start doing things as a guild together!
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