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  1. Alrighty, Thanks. I will spread that message to my team mates and beyond. I will be listening for when the first meeting is.
  2. Wow, Thanks for the info Tej. What will the new team be called? and I assume someone is working finding out if there could be a working relationship with them and Extra-Life? or maybe that cant happen till they get here and are established?
  3. Thanks DJ Sleeveless, I appreciate your input. Thinking of a meeting where not everyone is going to make it because of obvious scheduling/working conflict, I think that's why I assumed that the guild meetings were primarily for the Pres/vise/sec., or meaning that I figured those 3 and Brianna would be at the monthly meetings...its good to know that team leaders and anyone that wants to go, can. Again, I am new to this, but I figured that if those 4 people are at every meeting, least it becomes consistent in its leadership...then, anyone else that can join in can add to it...what do you guys and gals think of that? just a thought. But I will be looking forward to hearing how this all plays out, and I will join in if I can. Just glad we have this Forum Hub now. Awesome!
  4. Hey Guys John here. This Guild thing is very new to me, So I am not quite sure how the monthly meetings work. Is it only for the Pres., Vice and secretary? Is it also for team leaders? or is for anyone that wants to go? (such as members of other teams ect.) I just wanted to check first, but If I were to go to meetings, I could only go on weekends or weekdays before 4pm. (I work at Baystate 4pm-12:30am). Before we had the guild, our meetings were once every 3-4 months or so, and I would take the night off. Hope that helps for those planning.
  5. George, or anyone else that knows. Could you guys enlighten me on the topic of Springfield Falcons or a new Springfield hockey team? I thought I heard that the Falcons left Springfield. Will there be another team moving in to the Mass mutual center? I was said when I saw the news report, but that was a month or so ago, I believe. What's the update now?
  6. Hello Everyone, John Here, head Captain of Team Thunder. I've been an Extra-Lifer now for 3 years, this will be my 4th. I live in West-Springfield, been a gamer since I was wee little. Currently, I own A Wii-U, 3DS, PlayStation 4, Genesis and Game Cube. I will be playing "Zelda: Twilght Princess HD" on Game night. Glad to be hanging out with all you fine folk. :0)
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