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  1. this has been frustrating for me thus far, they want us to use the guild for communication but theres almost no good way to communicate on here. EL needs to make it so its super easy to find guild pages and guild forums. There should be a link on the guild page that brings you to your guilds forum posts but as of right now, if you want to navigate to the forums posted by your guild, you have to to go this round about way. click on recents then navigate backwards. most users stop searching for something after 2-3 mouse clicks, this isnt a good set up. also i think there should be an actual membership process. Theres no way to associate yourself with a guild so you don't get updates. they want people to navigate away from facebook but then thats another thing people need to manage and maintain. that will be frustrating for some. maybe im the only one that feels this way, im not sure. but i hope that EL hear's my cries and responds lol.
  2. May Meeting IMPORTANT: we regret to inform that George will be stepping down as Guild President. For the time being TJ and Dean will be taking responsibility until a new President is appointed. Ideas: -We are looking into working with other guilds to split costs at cons -We plan to speak with extra life about making the guild pages easier to navigate -TJ is reaching out to the Boston guild about setting up an event at Boston Comic Con -we will be communicating with Baystate and extra life to discuss our resources -we want to look into the topaticon event, look for volunteers to man a table -we need to find an event to attend in december Community Planning: -we’ve made a facebook group on facebook called extra life springfield guild. We want to use that to send updates to everyone -until the guilds presence grows larger we felt it would be good to continue to have meetings through hangouts for the time being. We will plan an in person meeting every few months.
  3. until
    In the June Meeting we will be discussing a few upcoming events: -Boston ComicCon: August 12-14 -Topatocon: october 22-23 -fundraising events starting in August -finding an event for December We think for now online meetings are the way to go until we capture a larger presence of attendees. The plan that TJ and I had was to have online meetings the last saturday of each month and schedule in person meetings every few months. In the early stages of the guild we feel this is the best route to take. We will be using Google Hangouts again for this meeting, if you don't have a Google account please go to to get started. You can message to start the conversation, look forward to seeing you all! - DJ_Sleeveless
  4. until
    Hey all, try and connect to saturday mornings meeting for the Springfield MA guild. We'll be using google hangouts to have a video chat. If you don't have google hangouts please go to to get started. Click the video chat icon after you've signed in to start a video call. Enter "" in the user field to find me and start a call. This month we'll be introducing ourselves and getting to know eachother a bit, we'll discuss setting up more solid meeting times and we'll talk about some of the goals we need to set as a guild. Hope to see you online! Saturday May 28th at 10 AM -DJ_Sleeveless
  5. hey all, we'll be having our first meeting this saturday morning at 10 am! where? over the interwebs on google hangouts! Don't have a google hangout? no problem! just go to to get started. sign in to google or create an account if you don't yet have one, its free and easy to set up. once you're signed in, click the video call icon and type in the users name to join their call. enter "" to connect with me and we can start chatting. I'll be setting up an account for the guild soon, we'll connect to that in the future. see you guys saturday!
  6. The idea is to get as much attendance as possible but obviously those that cannot attend are permitted to not join. We would however appreciate that whenever people can come, they do lol
  7. The meetings are for everyone, we want to try and plan it for a time that would yield the most productivity of course. The idea of meeting on a weekend never occured to me but we maybe should consider that. That said we know everyone's schedule is different, some work days/nights some work weekends/weekdays. So with that knowledge we understand there really is no perfect meeting time for everyone. For those that can't physically attend, I plan on setting up a way for you all to attend virtually.
  8. We have had a few meetings before the guild started. I was only a part of one of them but other members had been meeting for a while.
  9. I think for this months meeting and possibly the next, it may be a good idea to stick to previous meeting areas like baystate or elms college if that's alright with goose. I think elms may be the easier spot with space and parking considered.
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