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  1. Hey MaelstromALPHA! Glad you guys are finding the Helper useful and thanks for joining the Extra Life community and helping raise money for the kids! There is a way, but it is complicated and requires running a local webserver serving up fake data and modifying the Helper to use that instead of the Extra Life API. I would give you the steps, but the fake data files I created haven't been updated to use the correct data structure. You're not the first to ask for this and so I'll plan on adding a simple way for people to test the donation alert soon. Yeah, would need to see everything expanded to get a better idea what is going on. Also, you might want to consider uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome on that machine.
  2. Hey Jean-Francois! Thanks for posting the question here. And congrats on your 7th year. It's my 7th as well. The "New Donation Received" message doesn't exist anymore. It was removed to allow space to show donation messages. The screenshots that show that text are old and I'll update them on the next pass. I kept the logos as vector art so they would look sharp at any size. To replace the logo, you'd want to convert your vector logo to a SVG file. I used Flash Professional (now branded Adobe Animate) for this but any program that deals with vector art should be able to do this. Then I copied the SVG source and put it in the helper-logos.js file. Each logo is a JavaScript variable at that point. Then in helper.js on line 442, you can see how the variables are used for display. If you change the extraLifeLogo variable to be the SVG source of your logo, it should work fine. You'll probably then need to make small adjustments on the position. Hope that helps! Weird. Definitely a browser / security / network issue for this machine. Can you see any more details for the error? Can you expand the response (starts with "{readyState") because the reason might be there.
  3. Hey BJWyler, Since two out of three machines are working fine and you copied your modified html file from one of the working machines then there may be a network or permissions issue on the 3rd machine. Please make sure you also restarted OBS and re-added the Helper to your OBS presentation after copying over the previous html file. If you didn't do that, the old one may still have been cached by OBS when you were checking if it was fixed after the copy. You are correct that the Helper no longer uses Flash. It is a a pure JavaScript application running in an html page. To see what might be up, I suggest opening your Chrome browser on the machine in question, turning on Developer Tools, and then dragging the html file into the browser. Then in the Developer Tools, look at the console to see if you're getting any errors when the Helper tries to hit the Extra Life data API. If it is working, it would look something like this.
  4. OMG I'm going to say that every time in place of the reverse. That's awesome.
  5. Hi everyone! The Extra Life Helper has been updated to work with the new Extra Life API. You won't notice a change as it is all under the hood. With that said, everyone needs to upgrade by July 16th before the old API is sunset. Previous versions of the Helper will stop working at that time. Here's the direct download. Please let me know if you have any questions or need any help. https://github.com/breadweb/extralifehelper/releases/download/2.1/ExtraLifeHelper-v2.1.zip
  6. Hey! Hope a super late response is better than nothing. 😮 Nope, no issue with newDonors declared twice, but I cleaned that up in the next release. Thanks for letting me know! Glad you were able to modify the Helper to do what you wanted. If more people are interested in disabling the occasional showing of the logos, I can certainly add that as a new configuration option in a future release. I test changes to the script by running a local webserver and having it host the testing directory which you can find in the source repository: https://github.com/breadweb/extralifehelper/tree/master/testing Those are fake API responses. Then change value of IS_DEBUG constant in the helper.js and it will hit your local webserver instead of the real API. I haven't tried this myself but you may be able to change the transparency of the background by adding this line when the backgroundPath is created. It might also affect the stroke as well, however. backgroundPath.opacity = 0.5;
  7. @StryderCRB I found and fixed the issue. A new zip file is available: https://github.com/breadweb/extralifehelper
  8. @StryderCRB Update: I can see the current Helper package is busted. Looking to fix it now...
  9. Hey everyone. The Extra Life Helper has been updated. Donation alerts now work when running in team mode Added a new option to show your fundraising goal in addition to your amount earned Added a new option to suppress alerts if only wanting to show the timer screen Fixed a couple bugs https://github.com/breadweb/extralifehelper
  10. Hey all. Just a small note that I've moved the Helper instructions and download to GitHub. Folks can now contribute back to the Helper if they've made modifications they think others would enjoy. https://github.com/breadweb/extralifehelper
  11. I promised my supporters that if we hit a certain fundraising milestone, I would get a Mohawk and let them choose what color it would be. Well, we hit that milestone and they chose for it to be Extra Life themed.
  12. You don't need to do anything with the "onNewDonation" function to play your custom sounds. If you made any changes there, I'd revert them. The Helper already supports playing sounds when a donation comes in. It will play the cash.mp3 and kids.mp3 sound files by default. If you want a different sound, you just need to change line 25 of ExtraLifeHelper.html: var donationSounds = "cash.mp3,kids.mp3"; // Set this to your custom set of sounds, separated // // by commas. Or set to blank to have no sounds play // ============================================================================================ For example. If you want to play your sound file called explosion.mp3 instead of the default sounds then you would change it like this: var donationSounds = "explosion.mp3"; // Set this to your custom set of sounds, separated // // by commas. Or set to blank to have no sounds play // ============================================================================================ And then just make sure that explosion.mp3 file is in the audio directory. That's it!
  13. Hey Shawn. Sure thing. Just change line #749 (in the "onGeneralInfoSuccess" function) from moneyText.content = formatMoney(raised); to moneyText.content = formatMoney(raised) + " / " + formatMoney(res['fundraisingGoal']);
  14. Hey Psymonkee! You can change the sounds when a donation comes in pretty easily: 1) Copy the sound file(s) you want to play in the audio folder 2) Update the "donationSounds" value in the ExtraLifeHelper.html file to be the name of the sound file(s)
  15. Just wanted to mention that my daughter and I are doing the marathon this weekend so I won't be available to help troubleshoot issues folks have adding the Helper to their streams or have time to make special modifications. Please try to catch me today or tomorrow if you need any assistance. Thanks!!