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  1. Hi! The clock calculates time played by using the start date and time you specify. Unfortunately, it is not a stopwatch that can be paused. You might have luck changing the start time to earlier or later to make it appear as though you played more or less. Good luck!!
  2. I'm pressed for time over the next few weeks because of Extra Life and other personal stuff so I'm really glad you had a friend who could make the minor changes for your custom clock. I probably won't merge this as an official option until more people request it since the Helper's list of configuration options is growing, but I will leave the pull request open as a reference and example. Thanks! Community collaboration FTW!
  3. Hey White Bishop! Unfortunately, writing to files is something the Extra Life Helper can not do since it is a web application that runs in a browser context. It looks like @bfinleyui released an update earlier today, however. Hopefully that is what you're looking for!
  4. Hey wolf! The custom version you have won't work because it connects to the old Extra Life service. You'll want to get the latest version and then copy the changes to the clock over. It should be easy enough. The changes we made were only in the helper.js file and should just be where the clock is created and where the clock digit values are changed as time ticks. I am at TwitchCon and slammed until Extra Life so please give that a try and I can help you if you get stuck when I'm back next week. Good luck!
  5. You're welcome! Glad you and your team are finding it helpful. What's your comfort level with writing JavaScript? You could certainly write your own code and put it in the onNewDonation method in the ExtraLifeHelper.html function to display an image when a new donation comes in if the donationAmount value is over a certain amount. If you need my help to code this, I wouldn't be able to get to it before this year's Extra Life unfortunately.
  6. Hey everyone! I just released version 2.3 of the Helper which contains a fun new feature. When a new donation is received, the donation message will be read with text-to-speech during the donation alert. You can choose one of three different voice styles or disable it. New option is in the ExtraLifeHelper.html file: var donationMessageVoice = "UK-female"; // Voice style for the reading of donation messages. // // Set to US-female, UK-male, UK-female or set // // to "" to not read messages with text-to-speech. I also fixed a bug where some of the fonts may not properly load making text look weird in some situations. As always, please let me know here if you have any questions or run into any issues. Latest download: https://github.com/breadweb/extralifehelper/releases/tag/2.3
  7. bread_man

    Team Page History?

    Nevermind! Team information is still available from the dashboard and selecting "Past Events"
  8. Is it possible to get history for a Team's fundraising? I can see all of my past events as an individual participant, but I am curious to see how much my team has raised over the last six years. Thanks!
  9. Yes, when you run the Helper in team mode, it will show donation alerts for all team members as they come in.
  10. Hey Sakurie! Glad you're finding the Helper useful. And congrats on your sixth year of participation. That's awesome! As for using the animated gifs, here are a couple approaches: Easy: Use StreamLabs AlertBox widget at https://streamlabs.com/dashboard#/alertbox. When configuring the widget in their dashboard, you can upload one of the animated gifs to use for the image. You can search the boards here for more information on how to use StreamLabs and the AlertBox in particular. Advanced: The Helper provides an onNewDonation function in the ExtraLifeHelper.html page that gets called each time a new donation comes in. You can write your own JavaScript here that will display one of the animated gifs. The Helper has all the modules you'll need to display the image and fade it in and out (paper.js and tweenjs.js), but it would be tricky to size and position it correctly depending on where you've placed the Helper in your presentation. You can find the thread where the original author of the gifs shared them with the community. Maybe they have more ideas on how to use them in your stream presentation. Good luck!
  11. Hey everyone! I just released a new version that allows you to do a test donation alert so you can see how it will look / sound in your stream when you're setting things up. In the new ExtraLifeHelper.html file, change the new testDonationSeconds value to something other than zero. When the Helper loads up, it will show a test donation that many seconds later. Don't forget to set it back to zero when you're done testing. Latest version is v2.2. and can be downloaded here: https://github.com/breadweb/extralifehelper @MaelstromALPHA, this is something you and others requested.
  12. Hey MaelstromALPHA! Glad you guys are finding the Helper useful and thanks for joining the Extra Life community and helping raise money for the kids! There is a way, but it is complicated and requires running a local webserver serving up fake data and modifying the Helper to use that instead of the Extra Life API. I would give you the steps, but the fake data files I created haven't been updated to use the correct data structure. You're not the first to ask for this and so I'll plan on adding a simple way for people to test the donation alert soon. Yeah, would need to see everything expanded to get a better idea what is going on. Also, you might want to consider uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome on that machine.
  13. Hey Jean-Francois! Thanks for posting the question here. And congrats on your 7th year. It's my 7th as well. The "New Donation Received" message doesn't exist anymore. It was removed to allow space to show donation messages. The screenshots that show that text are old and I'll update them on the next pass. I kept the logos as vector art so they would look sharp at any size. To replace the logo, you'd want to convert your vector logo to a SVG file. I used Flash Professional (now branded Adobe Animate) for this but any program that deals with vector art should be able to do this. Then I copied the SVG source and put it in the helper-logos.js file. Each logo is a JavaScript variable at that point. Then in helper.js on line 442, you can see how the variables are used for display. If you change the extraLifeLogo variable to be the SVG source of your logo, it should work fine. You'll probably then need to make small adjustments on the position. Hope that helps! Weird. Definitely a browser / security / network issue for this machine. Can you see any more details for the error? Can you expand the response (starts with "{readyState") because the reason might be there.
  14. Hey BJWyler, Since two out of three machines are working fine and you copied your modified html file from one of the working machines then there may be a network or permissions issue on the 3rd machine. Please make sure you also restarted OBS and re-added the Helper to your OBS presentation after copying over the previous html file. If you didn't do that, the old one may still have been cached by OBS when you were checking if it was fixed after the copy. You are correct that the Helper no longer uses Flash. It is a a pure JavaScript application running in an html page. To see what might be up, I suggest opening your Chrome browser on the machine in question, turning on Developer Tools, and then dragging the html file into the browser. Then in the Developer Tools, look at the console to see if you're getting any errors when the Helper tries to hit the Extra Life data API. If it is working, it would look something like this.
  15. OMG I'm going to say that every time in place of the reverse. That's awesome.