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  1. An update on our next Guild meeting, December 15! This will be much more informal than it has been previously as we will be celebrating an incredible year together working to bring gamers across Columbus into the world of Extra Life. We will be having pizza, so please come hungry. As well, please bring along whoever you’d like to join us – especially if they’re interested in Extra Life J This meeting will be at the Nationwide Children's Hospital Foundation office (525 E. Mound) on the 1st floor.
  2. Join your fellow guildmates at 16-Bit Barcade this Thursday at 7pm. We'll be discussing Extra Life Day and then partaking in some old-school games! See you there!
  3. Join your fellow guildmates at 16-Bit Barcade this Thursday at 7pm. We'll be discussing Extra Life Day and then partaking in some old-school games! See you there!
  4. Our next guild meeting is on Thursday, October 20th at 7PM! The meeting will be held at Kingmakers at 17 Buttles Avenue, Columbus, OH 43201! They are allowing up to 10 Guild attendants the chance to stay after the meeting and play for free (no “library fee” included)! What a great way to catch up on the happenings of the guild as we're less than a month away from Extra Life Day and play some great board games to boot. As well, we should have some guests from the Ohio Game Developer’s Expo (GDEX) and also potentially some Nationwide Children's Hospital researchers.
  5. In this thread I'll be attaching our monthly minutes for our Guild meetings. Extra-Life Minutes 9.15.16.docx
  6. Feel free to drop some interesting resources, videos, articles, or whatever in this thread for others to share.
  7. If you haven't seen the TED talk by Jane McGonigal on how the collective power of gaming/gamers can make major impacts, it's worth the 20 minutes. I'm a huge fan of her work and research. I'd highly recommend both her books and any material you can get your hands on by her. And now that I'm done with my Jane McGonigal love commercial...
  8. Reminder that our next meeting is June 23rd from 6:30-7:30 at 525 E. Mound St, Columbus, OH 43215. Light refreshments will be served. We will be discussing a lot of topics. See you soon.
  9. Hey there - sorry I missed this message. I would have been able to meet up. If you'd like, post some of your questions here and we'll do our best to answer them. We're newly formed so likely we're dealing with some of the same issues.
  10. Share with us why you engage with Extra Life. Why is this important to you? Everyone has their own story.
  11. Hello all - members of the Extra-Life Guild of Columbus will be on Channel 10 at 2:20pm Sunday May 22 to give their donation of over $42,000. Tune in to support us and if you feel so moved give them a call to donate!
  12. until
    The Extra-Life Guild of Columbus will be presenting their donation of more than $42,000 to Nationwide Children's Hospital on Channel 10
  13. Hello all! I'm Mike "sloopylew" Lewis. I'm very excited to a part of the guild. I am the director of counseling and mental health at Ohio Dominican University. I'm an avid lifelong gamer and have begun doing research on gaming - in particular I just finished my dissertation on the topic of motivation to play online roleplaying games and addiction. I'm particularly interested in how gaming can help people with mental health issues (see Jane McGonigal's work). I'm excited to help this guild grow!
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