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  1. Table will be provided for The Rogue Gallery!
  2. Okay, so those M&Ms I brought up in my Zelda cookie jar in place of the cookies I didn't make were not plain M&Ms. I forgot to mention they were Dark Chocolate, not Milk Chocolate. I just ate a few and remembered. haha I can't remember who is was at the time, but whoever volunteered last yesterday had mentioned them being the best M&Ms he's ever had. So that's likely why they tasted different. I agree that they are the best M&Ms evar~ Also! How'd the turn out for new recruits go? I feel like it was so busy all day.
  3. @kylez0rz I unfortunately did not get to those cookies. I kept forgetting to go get butter. lol Next time~ See everyone soon!!!
  4. Since I will be set up in the Artist Alley with my SoS booth, I am baking some Hylian Shield cookies again to donate to the bake sale. If you aren't doing the bake sale, they'll just be extra fun goodies to entice people over to the table. I'm planning on getting more cookie cutters eventually, but for now Zelda stoof does the job of being geeky game related for just the right touch. ^_~ See everyone there!
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