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  1. Hey Extra-Lifers! I'm trying to get a list of everyone's channels (if you have one!) so we can work together in order to raise donation money for Maria Fareri via our streams! Mine is linked on my profile page, but just in case you don't want to navigate that way I'll put it right here:
  2. Game Day 2016 is fast approaching! On Saturday, November 5th, Extra Lifers from around the country (and the world!) will engage in a 24-hour gaming marathon to help raise money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. How will you be spending it?
  3. Game Day 2016! 24-Hour Gaming Marathon! Details on places below: Lost Level Games on Main Street in Cornwall, NY will be live streaming games on the PS4 beginning at 3pm and hosting a Super Smash Brothers Melee tournament. All information can be found on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram (@lostlevelgames1) Modern Myths New York in Mamaroneck, NY will be hosting open gaming for 24 hours starting at noon. For more information visit: The Microsoft Store in Danbury, CT (Danbury Fair Mall) will also have Xbox's set up in their theater space from 12pm-3pm with a variety of games to choose from. Simply register, show up, and play games for a cause. Register at:
  4. Hey all, Would anyone be interested in a Pokemon Go meetup if I could arrange it with Maria Fareri's Children's Hospital? I'd like to make it into a guild event. Please let me know!
  5. Hey all! So I think it's about time we discussed and passed around ideas for the Hudson Valley guild badge, available for viewing on the main guild page. Currently it is blank, whereas many other guilds have landmarks from their city or region in silhouette form. If you'd like an idea of what it should look like, visit other Extra Life guild pages...Boston is a fine example. What we need to do is come up with a list of landmarks which best represent the Hudson Valley, and this is where we will do so! Currently I'm thinking Bear Mountain Bridge or White Plains. Any thoughts?
  6. Hey fellow Extra-Lifers in the Hudson Valley! Don't forget to introduce yourself here! I'm a friendly guy (most of the time), and I want to meet all of you.
  7. until
    Lock City Comic Con, Day 3. The booth will be manned from 10am - 5pm by yours truly. If you're attending the event on this day please RSVP so that I know to look for you! Anonymity isn't cool amongst guild-mates.
  8. until
    Lock City Comic Con, Day 2. This event is currently covered by Hudson Valley leadership. If you're attending the event please RSVP, and stop by the Extra Life booth if you're in the area.
  9. until
    This day is currently covered. Set up will occur between 8am and 11pm, with a mandatory exhibitor session at 1pm or 6pm.
  10. Hey Hudson Valley! I just wanted to take this time to tell all of you about the upcoming Lock City Comic Con -- held in Stamford, Connecticut -- on the weekend of July 22 - 24th. We here in the leadership will be manning the booth with Extra Life Connecticut (I will be working the booth on Sunday the 24th, from 10am - 5pm), so if you are in the area please stop in and say hello! I would love to meet some of you in person, if able. I'll buy you a drink while we're there...if not, I'll bring some with me Regards, Todd Spring (aka Todd 2) Link to the comic con website:
  11. Thanks Ik0n! Once we (as in, the Hudson Valley) finish the initial guild organization, I would certainly love to combine efforts on Discord. I will spread the word.
  12. I'm immensely excited to hear about this. I will be checking out the Stream Team frequently.
  13. Hello fellow Extra-Lifers! I'm Todd 2 (I've come to an understanding that there's an 'Alpha Todd' "lurking" around this forum), and I'm looking forward to meeting all of you whom I did not get to see at the guild launch meeting!
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