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  1. TheNextLegacy on Xbox Live! I've been playing Destiny and GTA a LOT lately.
  2. Finally official! Thanks everyone! Super excited to get things rolling. Once again, I'm Anthony! I made an intro over on our introduction thread and I encourage anyone who hasn't to do so! For a quick intro here, I was born and raised here in the Upstate and I still hate the snow. I'm currently a QA Tester looking to move up in the Games Industry so it is no question if Video Games are my passion. I like action games, beer, hiking, fishing, and soccer. I love to eat and try new foods. I am currently addicted to sushi now. I do try to stream on twitch during the week so if anyone would like to play with me I'm usually on Xbox One around 9pm est. Feel free to add me on live[TheNextLegacy]
  3. Welcome! Welcome! I am definitely open to playing some board games at a meeting. Could be a great team building exercise.
  4. Hey did we have any luck with this?
  5. Hey guys! I'm Anthony. I'm done now right? Uhh let's see. I've been a gamer my entire life. I mostly play on Xbox One and dabble into PC gaming now and then. I favor shooters and adventure games but will play just about anything at least once. I'm just awful at RTS so please take that as a warning if you ever invite me to a game. I do like to get away from video games occasionally and wander outdoors(crazy right?) to go camping or even geocaching. If anyone is interested in visiting any beer places or recommend any please share. I love trying new beers and try to make it to World of Beer when I can in Crossgates to broaden my taste buds. Last year was my first Extra Life marathon and I don't plan on missing any more from here on out. I think its wonderful that we are able to get a guild here in Albany. I'm looking forward to working with everyone to make this the best that we can.
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