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  1. I'm getting paid real life money to give a presentation on this theory this summer. Just over here living the dream, folks.

  2. "Let's put @drmoore into a position where it is his job to talk about ethical and political issues and then condemn… https://t.co/MJoETufJJN

  3. I like to think there's like a 20% chance that the entirety of Avengers 4 will be found footage from Peter Parker's phone.

  4. I submit that the Star Wars universe is permeated by the luminiferous aether and that this explains the Force as we… https://t.co/e8PRmvlFHP

  5. He didn't like that answer, but I mean. I do actually think it's a good practice, changed my life. Also, he really… https://t.co/t7IdpM9NQv

  6. My mom: What's your favorite type of ice cream? My 4 yo daughter: My own! Legit, kid.

  7. The fact that bill collectors feel the need to call me even when our payments are going fine doesn't bother me too… https://t.co/L2Vs07NVMI

  8. I have an aunt who invites me to every Facebook app she plays, which I appreciate. It's a very convenient way for m… https://t.co/Fb8ToN8zPm

  9. Guess who was given a small collection of comics to read! And some ghost stories. https://t.co/UpxhjnkCtF

  10. One major problem with the "this is why you stand for the flag" posts still going around that show dead/injured sol… https://t.co/jbank7KfYX

  11. Thanks for clearing that up. https://t.co/MyjpDlQIW7

  12. My wife: Stop running around in circles! Our 4-year-old daughter, pushing her luck: But I'm running around in OVALS!

  13. Teacher: Sometimes it's good to start with a story. "There was this girl, and she was a straight-A student, until h… https://t.co/czE8i4aJPc

  14. @rockmc64 Because I haven't. So yeah. Eating soap is a bad decision. Letcs address that. But let's not pretend the… https://t.co/YwWtDJJkVX

  15. "This generation is so stupid they're eating soap!" Every single warning label is because people from previous gen… https://t.co/PQstyxxMrA

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