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  1. I'm getting paid real life money to give a presentation on this theory this summer. Just over here living the dream, folks.

  2. "Let's put @drmoore into a position where it is his job to talk about ethical and political issues and then condemn…

  3. I like to think there's like a 20% chance that the entirety of Avengers 4 will be found footage from Peter Parker's phone.

  4. I submit that the Star Wars universe is permeated by the luminiferous aether and that this explains the Force as we…

  5. He didn't like that answer, but I mean. I do actually think it's a good practice, changed my life. Also, he really…

  6. My mom: What's your favorite type of ice cream? My 4 yo daughter: My own! Legit, kid.

  7. The fact that bill collectors feel the need to call me even when our payments are going fine doesn't bother me too…

  8. I have an aunt who invites me to every Facebook app she plays, which I appreciate. It's a very convenient way for m…

  9. Guess who was given a small collection of comics to read! And some ghost stories.

  10. One major problem with the "this is why you stand for the flag" posts still going around that show dead/injured sol…

  11. Thanks for clearing that up.

  12. My wife: Stop running around in circles! Our 4-year-old daughter, pushing her luck: But I'm running around in OVALS!

  13. Teacher: Sometimes it's good to start with a story. "There was this girl, and she was a straight-A student, until h…

  14. @rockmc64 Because I haven't. So yeah. Eating soap is a bad decision. Letcs address that. But let's not pretend the…

  15. "This generation is so stupid they're eating soap!" Every single warning label is because people from previous gen…

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