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  1. Hi, got the invite to the Guild launch meeting on April 25th. Unfortunately I have a professional event that I'm going to be going to but I'm interested in working with Extra Life this year. Hopefully there will be another meeting sometime afterwards where I can attend. BTW, I didn't know who to email directly, so that's why I'm just putting it here.
  2. I know it's early to note anything but before anyone forgets, Forest City Comic Con has just announced when they are in 2017. They are only doing a 1 day event on September 23rd. Here's the article:
  3. I'm glad Game Day went so well, I think some of us are still doing a 24hr stream this weekend. I'm just gonna say if anyone else is, I'll plug your channel. My team is doing a stream at Also for those doing it this weekend and for next year, I found a twitch bot that might be helpful... It's called Moobot and can occassionally do things like post a message to your chat or promote people that come into your channel automatically. It's available at
  4. omg_tai

    Booth Read Me!

    I never saw this, that sucks but we did get things worked out that day.
  5. As I indicated, I will be there for the entire day. I will bring my laptop and I have an RCA 11.6" tablet with Android 5.0 on it that I will bring but fair warning, the battery isn't the greatest. I have a USB cord for it but it is only 5ft long. My laptop is my gaming machine, so I do have games on there but nothing terribly exciting, it also has a HDMI port and if needed (aka someone message me), I can bring a 25ft HDMI cable.
  6. omg_tai

    Booth Read Me!

    Well my real name is on the participant board anyways but as I said Nov 1, I can be there the whole day Saturday and I will need a pass, real name is Brian Foster.
  7. I'll be there as well. I will have already done 24 hours (I'm doing that this weekend) and I'll be doing another 24 on the 12/13 but I can help with the booth on the 5th or 6th. Also I just found out that there's contest going on for highest fundraising area? Which ever hospital wins gets an additional $30,000... I checked the Per Capita one and we are 290,000 behind in getting to top spot, so perhaps it's something to aim for next year.
  8. Sorry I didn't respond to this earlier but I find that the team I'm on play a lot of multiplayer games until 2am at which point things start to go to individual streams until we hit 8am and then we start with the multiplayer stuff again. Last year we played: - Garry's Mod - Ark: Survival Evolved - JackBox Party Pack 2 - Civ V - Worms Revolution - Viscera Cleanup Detail I played on my own, - Closure - Bastion - Kerbal Space Program Probably a few others in both those groups that I don't remember...
  9. omg_tai

    Next Guild Meeting

    Awesome! I was gonna go "Bueller... Beuller... Bueller..." Later this week if I hadn't seen anything. Also glad I saw this, I've been kinda busy since before the weekend working the box office for the Beatles Festival.
  10. omg_tai

    London Comic Con

    Well I thought about trying to go one day but I've been asked to work the Boxoffice at the Beatles Festival by my Boss, so I don't know how many hours I'll be working there. Though it is in Hacker Studios and the owner did say she'd gladly take a few postcards, so if someone can get them to me, I can take them down there sometime. Unless someone is going to stop in at Imperial Hobbies as Hacker Studios is only two doors down.
  11. omg_tai

    London Comic Con

    I know we don't have a booth at this event, it is this weekend (23rd - 25th) but does anyone know a vendor that is going and would be willing to give out our flyers? If not, perhaps someone should look at that, though it is short notice (I don't have any connections so I don't think I'd be a good one to do it).
  12. Hey all, I looked on the guild calendar on the site and I looked for a new forum topic about this and I had not seen a thing. When is the next guild meeting?
  13. Wait... Is that what it is? I wouldn't have realized that that is what it is. It looks just like a skyline.
  14. I looked around at the other Canadian forums to see what they where doing. To tell you the truth, the only other Community forum that was "really" active was the Toronto one. I remember during the 2016 launch that it was mentioned that this was a new guild and I suspect that's why it is more active and that there are just in general more members/participants. Currently members are talking about what skills are available as well as things like a guild logo (do we have one of those, btw? Should we?). as well as things like swag to give out at events. Another thing I noticed were announcements about twitch streaming and what games people are going to play or currently play. So perhaps someone would like to start some discussions in some of these areas.
  15. I know the metrics discussion was kinda all over the place. I did also ask Nicole if there are metrics on how we are doing this year compared to last year at this time. Whether we are up or down in # of participants but if Nicole can get the information about $ amount, that would be interesting to compare too. I'm kinda a stats man, I spent a few years developing custom reports for a call centre
  16. Well I was sitting right across from you last night. So we got both got the same information from the meeting, So part of it is looking at recruiting more people into the Extra Life cause but because we are a unique market which while geographically large and distributed, limited in our pool of potential recruits, so this is actual a secondary (though extremely important) goal. Our primary goal due to the fact that we are a unique market for gamers is to figure out ways that we can help Extra Lifers in our area to increase the fundraising that they do. No hard numbers were requested last night but I think we need to take the supplied unofficial numbers, see what the trend is for increases and then shoot for a reasonable percentage above that as a goal for money raised in the area. I think we should also get the average fundraising amount per extra lifer in our area up to $120 over $100 (which I know $50 was said last night but I'm sure it was mentioned that it was $100 nationally at the launch meeting) Also I don't know if anyone has seen the Extra Life newsletter that was sent out by E-mail today by Catherine, that has a fundraising goal by the June communication of an additional $739 to get to $3,000.
  17. That's definitely something to consider, I've also never heard of "London's gaming connection", GamerLink before. Maybe someone should get in touch with them as well? They actually seem interesting, a startup here in London from what little google searching I've done (
  18. Name: Brian Foster Years doing Extra Life: This is my second official year Why I Extra Life: Since I have trouble getting back into software development again (switched to being a systems admin for a few years), I decided last year to take the plunge as I had the time to do it and it was a lot of fun. Team: Team Punchtown Other: I don't usually stream but the Team Punchtown captain does on Thursdays at 8pm and a group of us join him for games of GMod and sometimes other games. His twitch channel is at
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