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  1. Hi everyone! Please feel free to post share this poster with your friends, family, work, or post in your neighbourhood! ELTO_GameDay_2017-Poster.pdf
  2. until
    League of Legends Tournament Saturday, August 26 2017 1:00PM - 6:00PM Microsoft Store Toronto Eaton Centre 220 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario M5B 2H1 Hey guys we're back working with Microsoft Store Toronto Eaton Centre, this time hosting a League of Legends Tournament!This event is the Launch of Microsoft's weekly ROG Arena tournament series! Every Saturday until November there'll be a tournament at the Microsoft Store Toronto Eaton Centre. Come join us as we kick off the 1st of these weekly tournaments!ADMISSION AND COMPETING IS FREE!TOURNAMENT5v5 League of Legends TournamentPlatform: PC, (laptops, headsets, and mice available on site)Tournament type: 5v5 Single EliminationTeam Cap: 6 teams MAX (30 people) Register as a Team of 5, but accepting solo/duo/trio players. ** Register by emailing Tournament Check-in: 1-2pm Tournament Time: 2pm-6pm PRIZES 1st Place - 1500 RP, Triumphant Ryze, MYSTERY.icons for each player 2nd Place. 1000 RP, MYSTERY.icons for each player 3rd – 4th Place– MYSTERY.icons for each player
  3. until
    In partnership with Microsoft Eaton Centre, we’re hosting our first Overwatch Tournament in support of SickKids Hospital!Admission and competing is free!COSPLAY CONTESTOverwatch cosplayers welcome!The BEST overwatch cosplay will recieve a mystery gift bag!*Cosplay first aid kit will be available on siteTOURNAMENT3 vs 3 Overwatch TournamentPlatform: Xbox One (**No ID required) Max # of teams: 10 (30 players) This is a bracket type tournament. The team who wins the first 2 points will advance to the next round. Xboxs, controllers & OW games available on site for the tournament, bringing your own controllers and headsets is optional Tournament check in time: 10am - 1pm Tournament time: 1pm - 8pm * Register your team via Microsoft or by emailing - Register as a team: Please provide team name and (3) names OR - Register solo/duo: Please provide name and we will do our best to group you into a team of 3! Space is limited, so please register as soon as possible! The tournament will be streamed live on Twitch at Spectators welcome!!! PRIZING TBA RAFFLE TBA More details to come, light refreshments will be available! -------------------- VOLUNTEERS If you'd like to help out the event, please email Look forward to seeing you guys there!
  4. Hi guys, as you may have heard we are collaborating with 401 games to celebrate International Tabletop Day ( ) International Tabletop Day in support of Sick Kids Sat, April 29th, 2017 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM 401 Games (518 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1X9) We're in need of a few volunteers if you're available! Volunteer pace is limited! Booth Volunteers 2 available positions - Collecting entrance fees, giving away wristbands etc. Boardgamers 2 available positions - *** Must be comfortable on camera - We're looking for 2 gamers to take part in a tabletop Twitch stream! If interested in volunteering, please email me at with the following info: - Name - Preferred position - Time available Thanks once again guys! Maria
  5. Hey guys, let's discussion going! Did anyone pick up a copy of Breath of the Wild? What are you thoughts?
  6. Hey Team! It's that time of year again....... Anime North! Anime North May 26 - 28, 2017 We're looking for volunteers to cover our booth to inform people about Extra Life and recruit new members! If you'd like to volunteer, please give be a shout with the info below: 1) Name 2) What day(s) and time(s) you are available to volunteer *Please send to
  7. Hey guys! Breakout con is a few short months away and we are in need of volunteers! Admission to the con will be covered, but we need you to RSVP to schedule you in! Please email if you'd like to volunteer! WHEN: March 10 - 12, 2017 LOCATION: 3450 Dufferin Street Toronto, Ontario M6A 2V1 Canada
  8. Thank you once again to everyone who's volunteered! ExtraLife2016-VolunteerSchedule_FINAL.pdf
  9. mnra

    SickKids VS!

    I saw this on Facebook! GREAT CAMPAIGN, very empowering! Can't wait to see the rest of the commercials!
  10. Hey guys! Our annual 25hr gaming is soon upon us! It's gonna be a long event and we're going to need all the help we can get! If you'd like to volunteer on game day please email me with the following information: ***Information to be sent to Full name Top 3 positions you are interested in Volunteer times you are available The event runs from Nov 5 12:00PM - Nov 6 12:00PM Open Volunteer Positions: Front door - Taking donation money - Selling raffle tickets (inputting them into app) - Traffic controller - helping to guide people where to go, introduce them to groups if they are alone and want to join in on games Board game library - Someone to help the Riddle Room staff coordinate in-take and lending out of games - Possibly helping to teach games VR headsets (we are charging a small fee to play 30 min time intervals) - Overseeing the headsets, load the software/games, teach them what to do, and keep track of the 30 min intervals. Auction items/Nerdblocks -Assisting the auction -Someone to guard the blocks/hand the out to participants when leaving. Stream Assist *TBD if needed Computers *TBD if needed Hope you guys can help out!
  11. Hey guys! Posters have been produced for our event on November 5th and I've been posting them all over Toronto. Currently we only have 12x18" posters, but we will be producing 8.5x11" posters in the near future. If you'd like to take some to post up around your school, work, neighbourhood etc, please give me a shout at
  12. @howlit Welcome to the guild Ian! We have alot of fun events coming up that will be posted on this website! Feel free to reach out to me or any of the other leaders if you have any questions or ideas you'd like to share!
  13. until

    Hey guys! There's still lots of room to volunteer in the afternoon if anyone is available Please email me if interested,
  14. Hey guys! There's still lots of space for the afternoon if anyone is interested in volunteering!
  15. Hi everyone! We're in need of volunteers for the upcoming Boardgame Fundraiser! We will need volunteers for the following positions: FRONT DOOR Take donations, the other to help with directing traffic / name badges / up-selling 50/50 draw tickets BOARDGAME AUCTIONERS Coordinating slips/receipts for the games, payment collection RECRUITERS Person making the rounds trying to sign people up to participate in Extra Life PERISCOPE STREAMERS Streamers to broadcast the event throughout the day We have people available for set up, but you're welcoming to help out too if you'd like If you'd like to volunteer, please contact with your: -Available volunteer times -Preferred position *I cant guarantee you will be placed in your preferred position, but I will try my best to! Because there are other areas of the event that might be in need of more help. I'll try my best to accomodate! Thank you so much for your time! Happy Gaming
  16. mnra

    Social Media

    Hey gang! If you have a chance, would you mind following Extra Life Toronto on social media? Please and Thank you! Instagram @ extralifeTO Twitter @ extralifeTO Also, please feel free to share your social media platforms in this forum, Extra Life Toronto will follow you back on instagram
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    I've never gone, but I think it'd be fun and a good place to recruit!
  18. mnra


    Thank you so much Tara for the warm welcome! I’m very excited and honoured to be part of the leadership team. I promise to do my best as Vice President. I think we have a very strong team and look forward to working with Erin and Jess. To Raj and Aileen, thank you so much for your hard work and time as our leaders these past few months. I wish you all the success and happiness in your future endeavours. To my fellow guild members, I'm excited to continue working alongside you all! I can't wait to see all the things we accomplish together! Please feel to reach out to us for anything! We're all very friendly and open to all your ideas Let's do this for Sick Kids! For the Toronto gaming community! FOR EXTRA LIFE!!! Kind regards, Maria
  19. Hey! I live in Scarborough but work downtown. I'm cool with meeting anywhere that's ttc accessible.
  20. mnra

    Celebrate Pokémon Go

    @aerynstarr really?? You know what, then again I haven't gone there since the official release, maybe it's better now? They've done 2 updates since I started playing. BTW have u guys heard of the Eevee trick?!?! It worked for me! I named my Eevee "Sparky" and it evolved to a Jolteon Here are the Eevee names if u guys wanna try it out: Sparky = JolteonRainer = VaporeonPyro = Flareon
  21. mnra

    Celebrate Pokémon Go

    Hey guys! Just a few things I wanted to share that helped me on my Poké-ventures! Leveling Up (Required xp, items given): CP Evolution calculator: Guide for Medals: Pokemon Rarity (Tauros is exclusive to North America): There used to be a map for where you can find Pokemon but it's been taken down since the official release of the app. Hopefully another one will come up! ---------- AREAS I FOUND WERE GREAT AND NOT SO GREAT SO FAR GREAT Sugar Beach / Waters Edge Promenade A good alternative if you wanna catch water pokemon by Harbourfront! A decent amount of pokestops, benches and seats, nice water view, Yonge and Lawrence My friends and I love this area for pokehunting. The people in this area are friendly and we've caught a few pokemon we haven't seen anywhere else. Here I've caught our of the usual was Clafairies, Growlith, and Mankey. For The Win Cafe is also there and have a charging station for Pokemon Trainers. Milliken Park There are a TON of pokestops here!!! There's about 20 pokestops in this park alone. There's a garden by this gazebo that has 3 pokestop that locals like to have lure parties. I usually walk around to different pokestops to explore and find diffrent pokemon. Scarborough Civic Centre Library Kind of a hot spot for Pokemon trainers residing in Scarborough. Outside the library I have a hard time logging in sometimes, but when I'm inside the library, I find its alot smoother to connect and I can use the library's wifi. There's a decent amount of pokestops within the area as well. NOT SO GREAT Harbour Square Park by Jack Layton Ferry Terminal There are a ton of lure parties here, but server crashes often because there's always a ton of people. I've seen a Lapras show up and everyone went nuts! I tried to catch it but the app kept crashing and it was hard to get back on the server. Yonge and Dundas CRASH CRASH CRASH. I have not been able to log in once within that area. But when I went a little bit north-east to Ryerson area, I was able to log into their server. If there are any areas you guys recommend please share! I'd love to check it out! -------- in addition to all that, @GravenTheRed @AJia @Descrier it would be cool if we did a lure party at Sick Kids! Hopefully there wont be too many people on the app making the server crash! But it'd be super fun
  22. Would a tablet work? I wouldn't mind bringing my tablet? And it's unfortunate that Nintendo and L.O.L didn't work out. As for The Nintendo Tour, they're being held at 4 different local/local-ish events (international street festival, buskerfest etc). Maybe we could just talk to the event coordinators for those events to get a booth? We don't have to be associated with the Nintendo Tour, but I'm sure they targeted those events because of the audience it brings in. Might be a good place to have a booth for us at those events as well? A bit of a time crunch to get one, but just a thought!
  23. Hey guys! Just started twitch a few days ago. Still suuuper new with it. So far I've only streamed Overwatch, nothing impressive lol still super noob and getting used to characters. U can watch me on I'll definitely check out your channels too! happy gaming.
  24. Coolness! The tour dates above are for 4 different events. Even doing one of them would be amazing
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