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  1. Weekends usually always work better for me, but my birthday is the 22nd, soooo we'll see how it goes for me lol.
  2. Hello all! So, I have one monitor for my gaming and another for my stream so I can see what people say in chat. But, I can't seamlessly cross screens without minimizing the game to type a reply (which I like to do since there's that little bit of a delay). Kind of annoying and defeating a bit of the purpose. Anyone know a trick for doing this? The Google gods have no been kind to me in figuring this out. PS: I have windows 7. THANKS!
  3. Hello all! This is my first year, so I'm wondering what some of the Vets would suggest stocking up on? Something you didn't think of before the marathon and such. Here's what I have on my prep list: Pizza $ - I don't want to have to go find my wallet, I want ti already out, by the door ready to go when I need my 1 am snackage. Pop - Walmart actually has this on sale this week. It's like they KNEW! Energy Drinks - I loved Jolt and Bawls, but those are available here anymore (Canada). Suggestions for substitutes? I hate Rockstar and Red Bull. Protein Bars - Never really ate these before, but they seem like a good idea. Suggestions for these? Granola Bars Muffins - Thinking about baking these up myself. Assorted Nuts Potato chips & dip Different kinds of candy I'm trying not to buy too much junk. Don't want to snack for 24 hours and gain 10 pounds. What about other non-food items? Like toilet paper. That sounds like something you don't want to run out of when you're up for 24 hours. Can't wait to see your suggestions!
  4. This.. is.. AWESOME! Thank you so much for doing this.
  5. This is an awesome idea! I totally contacted local businesses to get them in on this. Thanks for sharing this idea.
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