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  1. Hahaha... it took me forever to get around to playing through all the story lines of games I had, so am just now getting into exploring and what not. Seems pretty cool, working through ColdHarbour right now... Haven't done any group dungeons yet, as I haven't tried out the group finder. Need to do the "banished cells" mission though, been bugging me sitting in my quest queue for so long.


    But when I've been playing, that's mostly what I've been playing now. We should play sometime soon! :D

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  2. Does anyone ever watch people play ESO? Like, is that something people would actually watch if I streamed? lol


    I just made a Twitch account last night and got it hooked up and running. :D

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  3. I'll be a copy cat. I still play. (I guess really should say I'm just getting into it). lol I didn't play for a long time after I got it, and am really just playing. :) I'm on Xbox One.

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  4. In the email kicking off EL17, it mentions being able to import your previous years fundraising page, so you don't have to spend a bunch of time re-customizing it (if you took the time to).


    I'm currently unable to find where this functionality lies. Any ideas?


  5. Ok, so that's actually a really cool chat platform. Makes it super easy to see who's online, who's typing, etc. Multiple chat windows built in. Was easy to install, and set up an account.


    If the link above doesn't work for anyone, let us know, and we can re-invite you! I'd highly recommend using it. Can do it both on the computer, and on your phone!

  6. Thanks for all those who showed up to volunteer! I hope the turnout was great! Once again, sorry my wife and I had to miss out on this event, had my 10 year high school reunion this past weekend. :D

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  7. It was great having you at the meeting Steve! We hope you and your group (And more!) are able to make it to future meetings as well!


    Thanks for setting up that Discord server for us. I'll try downloading it later this evening once I'm home. :)

  8. Hey team!


    So this past Friday and Saturday night, the management staff at the Wynnsong Theater in Madison was more than gracious enough to allow us to set up an Extra-Life table in their lobby, for the release weekend of Suicide Squad!


    Rachel and I manned the post on Friday, and had a good turnout! Quite a few people were there, we caught the interest of several different groups of gamers, from all ages and walks of life! Many of them signed up using the Extra-Life app (SUPER easy to use), and we even had a few donations. Saturday, Shane and Addison held down the fort, and we had a couple more donations and some more people signed up.


    Overall, we got about $20 in donations, (every little bit helps!) and several people signed up to join Extra-Life! (I would guesstimate between 10-20, but I'll get the official numbers from Mark a little later this week!)

  9. Good meeting last night team, glad to see those who came out.


    #DominicStrong (now that we have the pregnant  Empress Grand Master crying lol) - Seriously though, touching video, powerful message. Have tissues handy.

    Watch Dominic's Story


    Upcoming events: This Friday and Saturday (Aug 5 & 6), Suicide Squad premier, we'll have a booth setup at the Carmike Wynnsong 10 in Madison. We have some volunteers, but could definitely use more if anyone is available either night. Friday will be 5-8, Saturday will be 4-7. (All PM)


    We set goals this past meeting, to keep things motivated. We figure if we can keep small, manageable goals, instead of big ones, we might keep people's interest better. So our goal for the month of August, is to have each person try to recruit at least ONE person to Extra-Life. If everyone did that, we would double our chapter's size. We would love to see a guild that is 50 strong, with no shortage of volunteers for events! It will come in time, but it takes dedication from us. I know you can all do it!


    Thanks everyone. :)

  10. Sorry for the late post! We meant to get something up here sooner! As discussed in our monthly newsletter email (Thanks Spoety!!), tonight is our monthly meeting for August.


    For anyone not on our monthly email list already, feel free to either message myself, or Spoety, and we will get you added!r


    Tonight's meeting will be at 7 PM, in the Waddlington Board Room, on site at the Children's Hospital. We will be discussing the next couple of month's activities, and any changes coming down the line.


    Thanks all, and looking forward to seeing everyone!!!

  11. So is anyone still going strong? (Yes!)

    How many Pokémon have you caught so far? (Caught 75 different Pokémon so far!)

    Any tips or tricks you've learned? (I've started holding off on evolving anything until I have a lot of them built up. I save up several ready to evolve, use a lucky egg, then evolve them all at once. The egg doubles your XP on all your evolutions!)

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