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  1. until

    Great to hear! I enjoyed that method, since I live in Lebanon lol
  2. until

    Oh, well that's more specific. Will we be broadcasting on Discord again?
  3. until

    Why is the sky blue? Is it true goldfish only have a memory span of 3 seconds? What's the world record for the fastest recorded speed an Ostrich can run?
  4. Kardde

    Elder Scrolls Online

    Playing now if anyone wants to get in (EDIT: or streaming, @DarthKardde)
  5. Kardde

    Elder Scrolls Online

    Hahaha... it took me forever to get around to playing through all the story lines of games I had, so am just now getting into exploring and what not. Seems pretty cool, working through ColdHarbour right now... Haven't done any group dungeons yet, as I haven't tried out the group finder. Need to do the "banished cells" mission though, been bugging me sitting in my quest queue for so long. But when I've been playing, that's mostly what I've been playing now. We should play sometime soon!
  6. Kardde

    Elder Scrolls Online

    Does anyone ever watch people play ESO? Like, is that something people would actually watch if I streamed? lol I just made a Twitch account last night and got it hooked up and running.
  7. Kardde

    February Guild Meeting


    Woooo! Get hyped!
  8. Kardde

    Elder Scrolls Online

    I'll be a copy cat. I still play. (I guess really should say I'm just getting into it). lol I didn't play for a long time after I got it, and am really just playing. I'm on Xbox One.
  9. Aha! Let me go find that! lol EDIT: Found it!!! Thank you @herobyclicking!!!!
  10. Perhaps the answer to this recurring question would be an automation of the process, instead of the manual process that seems to be happening. (That's just assuming it's manual, since it takes so long)
  11. In the email kicking off EL17, it mentions being able to import your previous years fundraising page, so you don't have to spend a bunch of time re-customizing it (if you took the time to). I'm currently unable to find where this functionality lies. Any ideas?
  12. Kardde

    January Meeting


    UPDATE: This meeting will be in the Children's Theater, not the Waddlington Board room. This will just be right around the corner from where we normally meet. If you have issues, ask security and they can show you to where we will be.
  13. Kardde

    January Meeting

    In consideration of people's holidays and vacations, our monthly meeting will be on January 11th, the SECOND Wednesday of the month this time, instead of the first. As of now, we will be back in our usual meeting place, in the Waddlington Board room at the Monroe Carrol Jr Children's Hospital.
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