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    Social Events

    With us getting our meetup program off the ground, I was thinking we should try to do 2 social events a month since that's more what that site is based around. Would people be up for more than one social event a month?
  2. I will likely be able to cover all of Sunday.
  3. I saw this article today and thought it might be a good way to recruit as well as fund raise. The basic gist is you have a dinner party and ask that people contribute towards Extra Life what they would have spent going out to dinner. Throw in some before or after dinner board games and it might work well for recruitment as well. Has anyone here ever tried anything like this?
  4. It was the second. You worry about yourself.
  5. To try to get a jump start on my fundraising this year I decided to put out the challenge on facebook and will probably put on twitter as well that if I raise $250 in the month of February that I will dye my beard blue one weekend in March. To be more specific I'm going to dye it the weekend that we have our guild anniversary at 16 bit. Is anyone else trying to start on fundraising? If this works out I might do the bucket of ice dumped on me when it warms up.
  6. I accidentally registered this year under a different email address than last year. Is there someone I can contact about merging the accounts? I'd rather just have the one.
  7. I know Medina and Nordonia have a monthly board game day, but they're organized by a meetup group and they are more often attended by adults.
  8. You might want to shorten it down to "#40DaysFTK".
  9. until
    We will be having the February social meeting at Mission BBQ in Canton.
  10. The Akron Guild will be celebrating our first anniversary by going up to 16-bit in Lakewood. We figured since that is so close to Cleveland it would be a shame not to invite you guys out to join us. Here is the link for the thread we have going, please RSVP so we can as close a count as possible for them. Hope to see you guys there.
  11. The guild will be celebrating our first anniversary as a guild by going to 16-bit bar and arcade up in Lakewood. 15012 Detroit Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107 Our reservation is for 6:30PM on 3/18/17. We hope everyone can make it out to play some games, have a few drinks and celebrate our first of many successful years. Please RSVP on here so we can give the staff there as close to a correct head count as possible.
  12. until 15012 Detroit Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107
  13. StowPro

    Noob Pen & Paper

    One of the current book bundles on Humble Bundle is based on Pathfinder. It has a bunch of comics as well as a number of the core books and campaign settings. Figured I would share that. It will only be up for the next 6 days.
  14. StowPro

    Buck a pound

    I was looking at some different fund raising options online and one of the suggestions is the buck a pound competition. The premise of this being that we would weigh in at a meeting and then after one or two months weigh in again; you would donate $1 for every pound you lost during that time, however you would have to donate $2 for every pound you gained. The other thought with it is that whoever lost the most weight, all the money would go towards their goal.
  15. We might use somewhere else for them. So we'll have to look into it.
  16. That was the event I had mentioned that is at Emidio and Sons. It looks like it went from a 6 hour event last year to a 3 day event this year. I'm guessing that means they had a pretty good turn out.
  17. I mentioned that it might be a good idea to pair up with Bawls Energy drinks since they're based out of Twinsburg. @Terrul I think you had reached out to them before, do you have a contact?
  18. StowPro

    Free Comic Book Day

    I figured I would post free comic book day up here. It's a rather large event that is held at most comic book stores and could be great for recruitment.
  19. I posted in this one just to make Mike's phone go off again.
  20. I think this is again something we need to look into. It seems to become a bigger deal each year. This year it will be on May 6th.
  21. I figured I would revive this and maybe we can turn it into a list of upcoming events so people can get things on their schedule.
  22. We still have a handful of these shirts that have not been picked up/paid for. Does anyone remember ordering a shirt and not having gotten it yet? I think any we have left at next meeting we might offer up to people who are there. I also might be working on a second year shirt. Still playing around with that slogan of "Looking for players". Do we have any artistic types that want to throw out ideas?
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