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  1. Durandal

    Pediatric Open House

    Sparrow Hospital, 5th floor 1215 E. Michigan Ave, Lansing Because we all share a passion for the health of Sparrow’s youngest patients, we hope that you will join us for this sneak‐peek before the floor re‐opens on January 19. This $3.1 million renovation of our pediatric floor was funded in large part by generous gifts from our community. RSVP To: foundation@sparrow.org by calling 517.364.2429 By: Friday, Jan. 13 Light refreshments will be provided
  2. Durandal

    Monthly Guild Meeting

    The last regular monthly meeting before the november 24 hour gaming day.
  3. until
    An extra meeting to try and nail down any fall events the last few weeks and figure out Nov. 5 plans
  4. Has anyone ever asked about building an app for the Playstation Network/Store and the Microsoft Store? I've failed to find any info on my own, so the rest of this is going on the assumption it doesn't exist as of yet. I know Playstation supports Extra Life and encourages people to take part in the 24 hour gaming day, but I'm thinking it can be made easier to donate to pages for console players. Was talking to friends in a gaming group of mine on PS4, and it became really apparent how difficult it really is to get donations from gaming friends/acquaintances that we don't have (and in cases maybe don't want) other social network connections with, or for them to easily link their donations pages to players they connect with online through games. A player has to get another's email, or give out theirs; send a link to Extra Life info and/or their donation page, and that only really works easily if they either use the playstation or xbox messaging app on their phone or tablet; or manually input that info from their game screen into their phone/tablet/computer. It doesn't sound like much, but when you are in a lobby with someone for a few games, or an hour or less at a time, there is limited time for exchanging contact info and many people may not want to stop long enough to go through all of that to donate to someone, or will forget in short order after and not donate when given the info. I get the feeling we could really get more donations and make it easier for a lot of people if we can somehow make it to where we can link a gamertag to our Extra Life donations page (and maybe give players a sweet avatar pic or two to use and advertise that they are playing for CMN & Extra Life on their consoles when they link a donation page) and have an app that people can get that will allow them to donate, through their console store wallet or account-linked cards, to people on their friends list or maybe even people they are currently gaming and talking with in a chat party/group. It's asking a lot, and don't know if it's possible, but if it were, it would make things I normally do in Destiny for the PS4 (I Sherpa people through raids and will likely be doing a lot of this with the next expansion) another avenue to raise funds, especially with the upcoming ability Bungie will be giving players for running private matches/tournaments in the player-vs-player aspect of the game. And holy cow that is a wall-'o-text. apologies.
  5. Durandal

    Monthly Guild meeting

    Monthly Guild meeting. Will be discussing events leading up to November, recruitment results from the Comicon and Tuebor tournaments, any MSU outreach that has been planned or accomplished, and any business members wish to bring up.
  6. Durandal

    Capitol City Comic Con

    https://capcitycomiccon.com/ Definitely our biggest event yet, and we can use all the help we can get. Message Andy or Aaron about helping out and we will see about getting you in and having you man the table or walk around and engage people throughout the day. We will try and have a game system at the booth to draw some people in, will have candy and other swag to hand out, and the MSU extra lifers may come out to show off some of their software.
  7. The actual extra life mobile app is seemingly inoperable on iPad, which is unfortunate as that is what I use for events as the larger screen helps with filling out registrations on the normal registration app, which works fine.
  8. Hi there, I'm trying to use my iPad to collect both signups and donations at events our guild attends, but when I download the extra-life app for managing my account and taking donations, it always says the app has been optimized for use on mobile devices and I should redownload it to one. The signup app works fine though. Why doesnt an ipad count as a mobile device for the other app? I've messaged the app developer through the Apple Store as well, but thought I'd check here to see if other people have or are experiencing the same problem .
  9. until
    Somerset Park Apartments in Bath will be holding a resident appreciation party. My wife is a leasing agent with the company and will give us space to set up, and I will be in attendance. Would ideally want 2 other people willing to come out and help man a table and/or talk up people for part of the day (maybe 2 hour shifts). Coming out includes free food and drinks and time to go have fun in the pool or enjoy some games. Yes, not a traditional recruiting event, but I know from past experience some of the residents who show up to these have helped our charity fundraising for other causes in the past, and any exposure is good at this point. This may expand to include two other properties depending on how many people are willing to take part in this outreach effort, those parties occur on the 9th (club meridian) and 30th (central park apartments). I will update info on that as soon as I can.
  10. Durandal

    Monthly Guild Meeting

    Monthly Guild Meeting We will be going over august events schedule, outreach efforts, possibly some tuebor updates, and knowledge shared/gained from the grand rapids meeting if the leadership is able to attend their meeting at the beginning of the month.
  11. Where's my "I voted" sticker? This is important to me
  12. Lansing Mall cinema is the Michigan host for the remote E3 special viewing event for Playstation. working on getting a table, time, and other info for this, will be posted as it comes.
  13. Durandal

    Monthly guild meeting

    June's monthly meeting. Attendance would be greatly appreciated from as many members as possible, as we will potentially have two larger events to try recruiting at as soon as the immediately following weekend. on the docket: discussing outreach, recruiting, and awareness attempts made as well as those planned. followup or lead up to a meeting with Grand Rapids guild leaders regarding challenges they faced starting out and how to overcome them getting our first fun committee activity on the books checking on progress made with logos and other social media pages welcoming any new people that join us, or reacquainting with founding members who have been unable to participate lately. once again, this is an rsvp event so we can see who is able to come, and your attendance would be greatly appreciated.
  14. It is a local community college sponsored game night that is open to the public. They do everything from card games up to more complex multiplayer board games. It has a decently large following so I am hoping we can work with them to expand guild membership.
  15. The blue gill grill. I think I even updated the calendar to list the address.
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