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  1. @Ashall Bravely Second or just BD? I really want to know if Bravely Second is any good... Me? Im playing Dark Souls 1. Not 3. 1.haha
  2. Wish I could, but I work those days....
  3. Been waiting years for a guild in Toronto. Want to meet people like me who do this every year! SO glad I wasn't alone in that need!
  4. Would have loved to run a table at this. Perhaps FanExpo or Anime North?
  5. GOOD DAY! My name is Ryan and I have been doing this for 4 years now for SickKids in Toronto. I also missed the guild launch event this week due to my wife being sick but I hope to get involved in other events. My team has been running around for 4 years and have been growing from a 2-man show to a now 7-person show! Looking forward to meeting each of you!
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