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  1. Hello everyone! As every year, I'll be hosting huge events in RIFT for Extra Life! This year we'll have newcomer runs, retro raids, raid rifts and a special cosplay battle on EU and a PvP tournament on NA with prizes sponsored by Trion! I thought I'd let you know, as it's a great chance to join in as a newcomer, ask questions and meet some people from the community. The whole event will also be streamed to raise money #ForTheKids via Extra Life! Last year we raised over 3,700$ together via my Extra Life page! You can find the whole schedule and sign-up information here: See you in Telara!
  2. Thats very kind of you I just wrote a ticket, if they cant help, I will write you a PM
  3. sad panda is sad maybe someone from USA could be so generous and give me his/her address so I can let it deliver to them and then forward it to Germany with DHL or so? I would ofc pay the delivery costs
  4. It doesn't make a lot of sense to make a pic of the codes
  5. To spread the word about Extra Life i ordered a custom made video from YouTuber "Big Man Tyrone": If you like the video, please feel free to like it and sub to Tyrone's awesome channel! I'd also like to invite you to join team Trion Worlds if you don't have a team yet: They will do a 24-hour livestream and a lot of giveaways during the stream and have as well awesome rewards for their games if you achieve certain fundraising milestones from 25-500$. And if you want to support me, please visit my personal Extra Life page: Thanks to you all in advance, enjoy your fundraising and gaming! We'll rock this! -Seshatar
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