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  1. Bah, sorry for the late reply on this but I'd like to get in on this order. SMALL for both please, send me the details for transfer. Cheers,
  2. As mentioned during last Sunday's meet, I'm for sure down to fill a slot on the stream schedule. I work funny hours due to being a shift worker but I'm sure once everyone chimes in we can figure out when to schedule me.
  3. Lanyards! Everyone loves lanyards!
  4. Seems like a lot of similar expertise in here but I'll throw my list of strengths in as well. Post-education in Graphic Design and Interactive Multimedia (I'm more digital based than print) Proficient in most things art and technology Photographer Knowledgeable on setting up online streams Dabbles with audio/video Makes cosplay (mainly props) maybe once a year for FanExpo
  5. It was pretty steady for the Sunday morning shift and I second that about bending the knees or in my case my feet since I had already been at the Con all weekend. Made sure to pop by the booth on those days and say hi to the staff working, was good to meet everyone this weekend.
  6. I pulled some strings at work today so I'll be in attendance at todays hangouts meeting.
  7. I'm pretty experienced with streaming, have been doing it steadily for the past 3 extra-life marathons. I've also been doing it on and off when I've had the time and have a game I want to stream. So if anyone needs any help with anything I will do my best to get you started or at least point you in the right direction, streaming takes quite a bit of tinkering to get just right. It also helps to have others pop in while you're streaming to give feedback, so hopefully we can assist each other in strengthening our stream game.
  8. Should be there all weekend and be free to help out, I'll be sure to respond to the email from the Guild officers and provide my availability for Friday and parts of Sunday. There is a chance I'll be in Cosplay on Saturday so I'll be sure to drop in and say hi then also. Looking forward to meeting others from the Guild.
  9. Hey All! I'm Eric, been involved with Extra-Life for SickKids Toronto for 4 years now and looking forward to the 5th year. I sadly missed the guild meetup this week but am hoping to be involved with things this year to help grow the community and its exposure. I'm located in Toronto, occasionally run a twitch stream and attend FanExpo each year. Super excited and would be stoked to join forces this year to raise donations, perhaps run a 24 hr marathon together. Lets do all the things!
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